How to use execute_command_and_capture_output method of ParallelTests.Test Package

Best Parallel_tests_ruby code snippet using ParallelTests.Test.execute_command_and_capture_output


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...75 )76 cmd = "nice #{cmd}" if options[:nice]77 cmd = "#{cmd} 2>&1" if options[:combine_stderr]78 puts cmd if options[:verbose]79 execute_command_and_capture_output(env, cmd, options[:serialize_stdout])80 end81 def execute_command_and_capture_output(env, cmd, silence)82 # make processes descriptive / visible in ps -ef83 separator = ';'84 exports = do |k,v|85 "export #{k}=#{v}"86 end.join(separator)87 cmd = "#{exports}#{separator}#{cmd}"88 output = open("|#{cmd}", "r") { |output| capture_output(output, silence) }89 #modify by Hub90 #exitstatus = $?.exitstatus91 #"$?.exitstatus" 返回的值有时有问题,不能明确标示用例执行结果是否成功92 #改成判断结果数据中是否有failure和error93 exitstatus = get_test_failed_num(find_results(output).join)94 {:stdout => output, :exit_status => exitstatus}95 end...

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