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Best Spinach_ruby code snippet using Spinach.config


Source:cmock_unityhelper_parser_test.rb Github


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...6require File.expand_path(File.dirname(__FILE__)) + "/../test_helper"7require File.expand_path(File.dirname(__FILE__)) + '/../../lib/cmock_unityhelper_parser'8describe CMockUnityHelperParser, "Verify CMockUnityHelperParser Module" do9 before do10 create_mocks :config11 end12 after do13 end14 it "ignore lines that are commented out" do15 source =16 " abcd;\n" +17 "// #define UNITY_TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_CHICKENS(a,b,line,msg) {...};\n" +18 "or maybe // #define UNITY_TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_CHICKENS(a,b,line,msg) {...};\n\n"19 @config.expect :plugins, [] #not :array20 @config.expect :treat_as, {}21 @config.expect :load_unity_helper, source22 @parser = expected = {}24 assert_equal(expected, @parser.c_types)25 end26 it "ignore stuff in block comments" do27 source =28 " abcd; /*\n" +29 "#define UNITY_TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_CHICKENS(a,b,line,msg) {...};\n" +30 "#define UNITY_TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_CHICKENS(a,b,line,msg) {...};\n */\n"31 @config.expect :plugins, [] #not :array32 @config.expect :treat_as, {}33 @config.expect :load_unity_helper, source34 @parser = expected = {}36 assert_equal(expected, @parser.c_types)37 end38 it "notice equal helpers in the proper form and ignore others" do39 source =40 "abcd;\n" +41 "#define UNITY_TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_TURKEYS_T(a,b,line,msg) {...};\n" +42 "abcd;\n" +43 "#define UNITY_TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_WRONG_NUM_ARGS(a,b,c,d,e) {...};\n" +44 "#define UNITY_TEST_ASSERT_WRONG_NAME_EQUAL(a,b,c,d) {...};\n" +45 "#define UNITY_TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_unsigned_funky_rabbits(a,b,c,d) {...};\n" +46 "abcd;\n"47 @config.expect :plugins, [] #not :array48 @config.expect :treat_as, {}49 @config.expect :load_unity_helper, source50 @parser = expected = {52 'TURKEYS_T' => "UNITY_TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_TURKEYS_T",53 'unsigned_funky_rabbits' => "UNITY_TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_unsigned_funky_rabbits"54 }55 assert_equal(expected, @parser.c_types)56 end57 it "notice equal helpers that contain arrays" do58 source =59 "abcd;\n" +60 "#define UNITY_TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_TURKEYS_ARRAY(a,b,c,d,e) {...};\n" +61 "abcd;\n" +62 "#define UNITY_TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_WRONG_NUM_ARGS_ARRAY(a,b,c,d,e,f) {...};\n" +63 "#define UNITY_TEST_ASSERT_WRONG_NAME_EQUAL_ARRAY(a,b,c,d,e) {...};\n" +64 "#define UNITY_TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_unsigned_funky_rabbits_ARRAY(a,b,c,d,e) {...};\n" +65 "abcd;\n"66 @config.expect :plugins, [] #not :array67 @config.expect :treat_as, {}68 @config.expect :load_unity_helper, source69 @parser = expected = {71 'TURKEYS*' => "UNITY_TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_TURKEYS_ARRAY",72 'unsigned_funky_rabbits*' => "UNITY_TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_unsigned_funky_rabbits_ARRAY"73 }74 assert_equal(expected, @parser.c_types)75 end76 it "pull in the standard set of helpers and add them to my list" do77 pairs = {78 "UINT" => "HEX32",79 "unsigned long" => "HEX64",80 }81 expected = {82 "UINT" => "UNITY_TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_HEX32",83 "unsigned_long" => "UNITY_TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_HEX64",84 "UINT*" => "UNITY_TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_HEX32_ARRAY",85 "unsigned_long*"=> "UNITY_TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_HEX64_ARRAY",86 }87 @config.expect :plugins, [] #not :array88 @config.expect :treat_as, pairs89 @config.expect :load_unity_helper, nil90 @parser = assert_equal(expected, @parser.c_types)92 end93 it "pull in the user specified set of helpers and add them to my list" do94 pairs = {95 "char*" => "STRING",96 "unsigned int" => "HEX32",97 }98 expected = {99 "char*" => "UNITY_TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_STRING",100 "unsigned_int" => "UNITY_TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_HEX32",101 "char**" => "UNITY_TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_STRING_ARRAY",102 "unsigned_int*" => "UNITY_TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_HEX32_ARRAY",103 }104 @config.expect :plugins, [] #not :array105 @config.expect :treat_as, pairs106 @config.expect :load_unity_helper, nil107 @parser = assert_equal(expected, @parser.c_types)109 end110 it "be able to fetch helpers on my list" do111 @config.expect :plugins, [] #not :array112 @config.expect :treat_as, {}113 @config.expect :load_unity_helper, ""114 @parser = @parser.c_types = {116 'UINT8' => "UNITY_TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_UINT8",117 'UINT16*' => "UNITY_TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_UINT16_ARRAY",118 'SPINACH' => "UNITY_TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_SPINACH",119 'LONG_LONG' => "UNITY_TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_LONG_LONG"120 }121 [["UINT8","UINT8"],122 ["UINT16*","UINT16_ARRAY"],123 ["const SPINACH","SPINACH"],124 ["LONG LONG","LONG_LONG"] ].each do |ctype, exptype|125 assert_equal(["UNITY_TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_#{exptype}",''], @parser.get_helper(ctype))126 end127 end128 it "return memory comparison when asked to fetch helper of types not on my list" do129 @config.expect :plugins, [] #not :array130 @config.expect :treat_as, {}131 @config.expect :load_unity_helper, ""132 @parser = @parser.c_types = {134 'UINT8' => "UNITY_TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_UINT8",135 'UINT16*' => "UNITY_TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_UINT16_ARRAY",136 'SPINACH' => "UNITY_TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_SPINACH",137 }138 ["UINT32","SPINACH_T","SALAD","PINEAPPLE"].each do |ctype|139 @config.expect :memcmp_if_unknown, true140 assert_equal(["UNITY_TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_MEMORY",'&'], @parser.get_helper(ctype))141 end142 end143 it "return memory array comparison when asked to fetch helper of types not on my list" do144 @config.expect :plugins, [:array]145 @config.expect :treat_as, {}146 @config.expect :load_unity_helper, ""147 @parser = @parser.c_types = {149 'UINT8' => "UNITY_TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_UINT8",150 'UINT16*' => "UNITY_TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_UINT16_ARRAY",151 'SPINACH' => "UNITY_TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_SPINACH",152 }153 ["UINT32*","SPINACH_T*"].each do |ctype|154 @config.expect :memcmp_if_unknown, true155 assert_equal(["UNITY_TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_MEMORY_ARRAY",''], @parser.get_helper(ctype))156 end157 end158 it "return the array handler if we cannot find the normal handler" do159 @config.expect :plugins, [] #not :array160 @config.expect :treat_as, {}161 @config.expect :load_unity_helper, ""162 @parser = @parser.c_types = {164 'UINT8' => "UNITY_TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_UINT8",165 'UINT16*' => "UNITY_TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_UINT16_ARRAY",166 'SPINACH' => "UNITY_TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_SPINACH",167 }168 assert_equal(["UNITY_TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_UINT16_ARRAY",'&'], @parser.get_helper("UINT16"))169 end170 it "return the normal handler if we cannot find the array handler" do171 @config.expect :plugins, [] #not :array172 @config.expect :treat_as, {}173 @config.expect :load_unity_helper, ""174 @parser = @parser.c_types = {176 'UINT8' => "UNITY_TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_UINT8",177 'UINT16' => "UNITY_TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_UINT16",178 'SPINACH' => "UNITY_TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_SPINACH",179 }180 assert_equal(["UNITY_TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_UINT8",'*'], @parser.get_helper("UINT8*"))181 end182 it "raise error when asked to fetch helper of type not on my list and not allowed to mem check" do183 @config.expect :plugins, [] #not :array184 @config.expect :treat_as, {}185 @config.expect :load_unity_helper, ""186 @config.expect :memcmp_if_unknown, false187 @parser = @parser.c_types = {189 'UINT8' => "UNITY_TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_UINT8",190 'UINT32*' => "UNITY_TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_UINT32_ARRAY",191 'SPINACH' => "UNITY_TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_SPINACH",192 }193 assert_raises (RuntimeError) { @parser.get_helper("UINT16") }194 end195end...

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Using AI Code Generation


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1Spinach.hooks.on_tag('my_tag') do |scenario|2Spinach.hooks.on_tag('my_other_tag') do |scenario|3Spinach.hooks.on_tag('my_tag', 'my_other_tag') do |scenario|4Spinach.hooks.on_tag('my_tag', 'my_other_tag') do |scenario|5Spinach.hooks.on_tag('my_tag', 'my_other_tag') do |scenario|6Spinach.hooks.on_tag('my_tag', 'my_other_tag') do |scenario|7Spinach.hooks.on_tag('my_tag', 'my_other_tag') do |scenario|8Spinach.hooks.on_tag('my_tag', 'my_other_tag') do |scenario|9Spinach.hooks.on_tag('my_tag', 'my_other_tag') do |scenario|10Spinach.hooks.on_tag('my_tag', 'my_other_tag') do |scenario|11Spinach.hooks.on_tag('my_tag', 'my_other_tag') do |scenario|12Spinach.hooks.on_tag('my_tag', 'my_other_tag') do |scenario|13Spinach.hooks.on_tag('my_tag', 'my_other_tag') do |scenario|

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