How to use eject method of VCR Package

Best Vcr_ruby code snippet using VCR.eject


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...19 insert_cassette(:foo)20 }.to raise_error(/There is already a cassette with the same name/)21 end22 end23 describe '.eject_cassette' do24 it 'ejects the current cassette' do25 cassette = insert_cassette26 expect(cassette).to receive(:eject)27 VCR.eject_cassette28 end29 it 'forwards the given options to `Cassette#eject`' do30 cassette = insert_cassette31 expect(cassette).to receive(:eject).with(:some => :options)32 VCR.eject_cassette(:some => :options)33 end34 it 'returns the ejected cassette' do35 cassette = insert_cassette36 expect(VCR.eject_cassette).to eq(cassette)37 end38 it 'returns the #current_cassette to the previous one' do39 cassette1, cassette2 = insert_cassette(:foo1), insert_cassette(:foo2)40 expect { VCR.eject_cassette }.to change(VCR, :current_cassette).from(cassette2).to(cassette1)41 end42 it 'keeps the cassette as the current one until after #eject has finished' do43 cassette = insert_cassette44 current = nil45 allow(cassette).to receive(:eject) { current = VCR.current_cassette }46 VCR.eject_cassette47 expect(current).to be(cassette)48 expect(VCR.current_cassette).not_to be(cassette)49 end50 it 'properly pops the cassette off the stack even if an error occurs' do51 cassette = insert_cassette52 allow(cassette).to receive(:eject) { raise "boom" }53 expect { VCR.eject_cassette }.to raise_error("boom")54 expect(VCR.current_cassette).to be_nil55 end56 end57 describe '.use_cassette' do58 it 'inserts a new cassette' do59 new_cassette = expect(VCR).to receive(:insert_cassette).and_return(new_cassette)61 VCR.use_cassette(:cassette_test) { }62 end63 it 'yields' do64 yielded = false65 VCR.use_cassette(:cassette_test, &lambda { yielded = true })66 expect(yielded).to be true67 end68 it 'yields the cassette instance if the block expects an argument' do69 VCR.use_cassette('name', :record => :new_episodes, &lambda do |cassette|70 expect(cassette).to equal(VCR.current_cassette)71 end)72 end73 it 'yields the cassette instance if the block expects a variable number of args' do74 VCR.use_cassette('name', :record => :new_episodes) do |*args|75 expect(args.size).to eq(1)76 expect(args.first).to equal(VCR.current_cassette)77 end78 end79 it 'ejects the cassette' do80 expect(VCR).to receive(:eject_cassette)81 VCR.use_cassette(:cassette_test) { }82 end83 it 'ejects the cassette even if there is an error' do84 expect(VCR).to receive(:eject_cassette)85 expect { VCR.use_cassette(:cassette_test) { raise StandardError } }.to raise_error86 end87 it 'does not eject a cassette if there was an error inserting it' do88 expect(VCR).to receive(:insert_cassette).and_raise('Boom!'))89 expect(VCR).not_to receive(:eject_cassette)90 expect { VCR.use_cassette(:test) { } }.to raise_error(StandardError, 'Boom!')91 end92 it 'raises a helpful error if no block is given' do93 expect {94 VCR.use_cassette(:test)95 }.to raise_error(/requires a block/)96 end97 end98 describe '.http_interactions' do99 it 'returns the current_cassette.http_interactions when there is a current cassette' do100 cassette = VCR.insert_cassette("a cassette")101 expect(VCR.http_interactions).to be(cassette.http_interactions)102 end103 it 'returns a null list when there is no current cassette' do...

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