20 Design Inspirations for SaaS Companies

Saif Sadiq

Posted On: February 17, 2018

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Are you planning to convert your idea into a live Software-as-a-Service product?

The quickest hack to build a live web design fast is to follow app design trends already set up by hugely popular SaaS companies. So before you kick-start the designing and development phase of your web app, check out some of the best SaaS design inspiration that has already helped companies succeed. But where to find those inspirations??

Don’t worry. We are here to help 🙂

Why Great Design?

A great user interface can make or break your Software-as-a-Service business. A great interface resonates with the users and complements their work, increasing their productivity, and of course, improves retention and stickiness.

Visitor starts evaluating a SaaS company at its website.You can’t deny that when an anonymous user visits your B2B site, first impressions always matter!

We here at LambdaTest as well did research on most popular SaaS product websites and found many interested design hacks. And here we compiled the list of top SaaS companies whose design pattern are most inspiring to me and I hope it will inspire you all.

We also worked on Top 10 Web Design Trends To Follow In 2018 which will help you in designing your web app more user-friendly.

  1. LambdaTest

    LambdaTest is great example of expressive visual hierarchy with clear functionality of every element. Interactive user interface and great user experience.

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  2. Drift

    Drift is a good example of minimalistic design with big amount of spare space and flat illustration which makes it more interactive and user friendly.


  3. Slack

    Slack delivers seamless user experience supporting the general stylistic concept across all platforms.


  4. Litmus

    Litmus is a nice blend of minimalism and modern design. The More of Less,Joshua Becker said:You don’t need more space.You need less stuff.


  5. MailChimp

    MailChimp combines vast amounts of data with empathetic design to make useful products. The design is minimalistic and uncluttered bringing aesthetic satisfaction as one of the factors of desirability in UX. Perfect design inspiration for productivity oriented SaaS companies


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  1. Flow

    Flow is a combination of harmonic layout and placement of the elements with high level of flexibility.


  2. Canva

    Canva have excellent naviagtion and functionality of every element is very clear.


  3. Asana

    Expressive visual hierarchy is key design of Asana.


  4. Box

    Great use of isometric images and motion graphics. If you are a B2C SaaS company, this is a great design inspiration for you.


  5. Atlassian

    Interactive design that communicates the features visually.


  6. Freshdesk

    Isometric illustration used in the homepage banner is both informative as well as visually appealing.


  7. G Suite

    GSuite have high attention ratio to core details.


  8. Typeform

    Typography as a significant design element in Typeform.


  9. Kissmetrics

    Kissmetrics have sophistication and contrast in illustration and fonts choice. It’s UI is a product of data oriented customer analysis. Great design inspiration for analytics oriented SaaS companies.


  10. Heroku

    Heroku have high attention to proportions and composition.


  11. Mixpanel

    Its very difficult to pull off gradient gracefully, and Mixpanel has nailed it. They have superbly used isometric graphics with gradients.

  12. Plan

    Plan gets the spotlight for coming up with a sophisticated, colorful-white theme and custom illustrations. They also represent a GIF on their landing page representing interactive view for engaging the visitors.


  13. Marvel

    Marvel is a design app. And their design skills shows in Marvel product. Notice the subtle animation of dots in the banner fold.


  14. Hellosign

    The website is a perfect design inspiration for those niche SaaS products that require a lot of text. The site is loaded with content yet its elegant.


  15. Jaco

    Jaco has everything going right. It has awesome animated illustrations, great font, and clean white theme.


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