LambdaTest Year in Review: 2021 Highlights

Salman Khan

Posted On: January 19, 2022

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2021 has been a tough year. We’ve continued to work from home, striving to adjust to the constant uncertainty as new virus strains emerge and we scramble to find vaccine uptake amid a global pandemic. It was a challenging year indeed, and our hearts goes out to everyone who suffered the loss. However, the beginning of a new year is always a great moment to ponder on the prior year. What did we learn, and how can we leverage those learnings to strengthen the coming year.

Despite numerous challenges, 2021 has been a fairly decent year for LambdaTest. It has proved to be a year of executions, accomplishments, and celebrations. Our reach has extended, and we’ve made a difference – in ways big and small – helping organizations and people across the world. And this has been made possible due to our champion team, partners, investors, community members, and power customers.

At LambdaTest, our mission is to – bring the entire testing ecosystem under one umbrella. In this 2021 recap, we’ll showcase some of our accolades and how we made progress toward our mission.

Let’s look back to reflect on some of our highlights and milestones.

Support For Mobile App Testing

After spending long and fruitful hours, we finally launched the Realtime Mobile App testing feature on our platform. With Realtime Mobile App testing, you can test native mobile apps on a wide range of Android emulators and iOS simulators to ensure that your app delivers the ultimate mobile experience.

If you want to discover more about mobile app testing from LambdaTest, watch the detailed video below:

You can also refer to LambdaTest’s documentation on Mobile App Testing to get started with Real-time App testing.

LT Browser Featured On Product Hunt

We launched LT Browser on Product Hunt in January, and it quickly rose to the number five spot on the Product of the Day list. Featuring LT Browser on Product Hunt was a significant step toward our aim of serving developers, designers, product managers, testers, anyone who wants to quickly and easily make sure that their website looks mind-blowing across different mobile viewports and desktop resolutions.

Awesome right? But that’s not all; we have made LT Browser – FREE for LIFETIME and added a host of new features like:

  • What’s New section to acquaint yourself with the latest feature, updates, and fixes.
  • Feedback Board for users to share their comments, raise requests, make suggestions, and help us build a better product. 
  • DevTools pinning to keep track of a file while debugging without losing sight of your file.
  • Devices category to the Add New Device option for making device management easier. 
  • New iPhone 12 Series & Vivo viewports.
  • Revamped keyboard shortcuts.
  • Select the location for media file downloads.
  • Download media files on the cloud or local system.
  • Media pagination.
  • Autofill feature in the URL Search Bar.
  • Mark And share bug report.
  • View resolution on different device viewports.

Our All-New LambdaTest Chrome Extension

We released our new LambdaTest Chrome extension with some advanced features to make the cross-browser testing process even more seamless. With the all-new LambdaTest Chrome Extension, you can perform cross browser testing of websites and web apps across 3000+ real browsers and operating systems right from your browser tab. Then, with just a quick installation, you can save time by launching the website you currently view in the live test environment.

The all-new LambdaTest Chrome extension has top-notch features like:

  1. Realtime Browser testing
  2. Screenshot testing
  3. Geolocation testing
  4. Schedule Screenshots
  5. Favorites

Cypress Testing – Making Test Automation Great Again

In our continuous endeavor to empower the QA community, we introduced support for Cypress on LambdaTest Automation in June for running Cypress automation testing at scale. With Cypress testing, users can seamlessly run Cypress tests on 40+ different browser and browser versions, including headless versions on the cloud. In addition, Cypress testing on LambdaTest allows the team to reduce developer feedback times and release products more quickly and confidently.

We also added Cypress 9.0.0 to perform test automation on the latest – Cypress 9 across 40+ browser versions.

Read MoreHow To Perform Cypress Testing At Scale With LambdaTest

The New LambdaTest Automation Dashboard

We at LambdaTest are devoted to bolstering the art of software testing. By providing the world’s leading cloud-based cross browser testing platform, we aim to empower developers to create great experiences. Keeping this in mind, we launched the new LambdaTest automation dashboard, which will simplify and ease your test automation process.

The new automation dashboard includes a slew of new features, including migrating test suites from BrowserStack and SauceLabs to LambdaTest, improved navigation, and more.

Addition Of Other Powerful Features 

Besides Cypress and Mobile app testing, we added support for running Accessibility tests in Online Browser testing, introduced the latest OS like macOS Monterey and Windows 11, to Android 12 and iOS 15, Custom network throttling, GeoProxy support, the latest browsers and much more.  

Shown below are some of the top feature releases from this year.

  • Latest OS Releases – We have released Windows 11, macOS Monterey, and iOS 15 for manual and automated cross-browser testing. In addition, we also rolled out Android 12 and iOS 15 to perform live-interactive testing of your mobile web and native apps.
  • Accessibility Testing – You can now run Accessibility tests in Realtime Browser testing using a Screen Reader on macOS versions like macOS Monterey, macOS Big Sur, macOS Catalina, etc. We also added support for Windows 10 to run Accessibility tests using NVDA.
  • Custom Network Throttling – You can test mobile web and native apps by creating your own throttling presets with custom network throttling. This feature allows you to customize the Download, Upload, and Latency speeds.
  • GeoProxy Support – GeoProxy support on existing Android emulators on the OS version Android 4.4 and 4.1.
  • Microsoft Silverlight – Microsoft Silverlight feature in Realtime Browser testing is now available for Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 10 and Safari 9 on OS X EI-Capitan.
  • Network HAR Logs – Android 10 emulators on the LambdaTest platform can now capture Network HAR logs, allowing you to expedite your automated testing experience.
  • New Desired Capabilities – We have added two Selenium capabilities to hide Command logs (“commandLog”, false) and Selenium/Appium logs (“systemLog”, false) to ensure a secure automation testing experience. We’ve also added an (“LT: options”, ltOptions) capability to comply with W3C standards.
  • Set Time Zones In Emulators & Simulators – We have now added a time zone feature to emulators and simulators for real-time testing. You can change the device’s timezone to run your tests in a different timezone.
  • Advanced Functionalities In Realtime Mobile App Testing -We added new features for real-time native app testing. This includes the Shake menu (Gesture), Network throttling, the ability to add filters to uploaded apps, change the visibility, rename, and delete uploaded apps.
  • New LambdaTest Desired Capability GeneratorWe revamped the design and functionality of the Desired Capability Generator to make it more user-friendly and released an improved LambdaTest Desired Capability Generator. It’s now easier to use and has many new features to help generate capabilities tailored to your specific requirements.

Bunch Of New Integrations 

We are constantly looking for ways to make your testing experiences more pleasant than ever. With that in mind, we added dozens of new integrations for a great user experience and seamless project management, continuous integration, visual regression, bug management, and more. 

Here’s a list of the LambdaTest integrations that went live this year:

  1. TestingWhiz
  2. Diffy
  3. Testsigma
  4. QMetry
  5. Cerberus
  6. Applitools
  7. Microsoft Teams Apps
  8. Shopify
  9. YouTrack
  10. Linear App
  11. Notion
  12. Bugzilla
  13. Datadog
  14. PagerDuty
  15. Bugsnag
  16. Google Cloud CI

Hosted 10+ Webinars

We enjoy connecting with our users and readers and answering their questions regularly. And we know that webinars are the most effective way to accomplish this. So throughout the year, LambdaTest successfully hosted 10+ webinars on a broad array of topics like Selenium, Cypress testing, CI/CDMobile testing, etc.

Here are the top five webinars of 2021-

  1. How Dunelm, a $1B Retail Giant, Does Digital Transformation and Testing
  2. Mobile-First Approach and Testing – Push The Boundaries
  3. How ‘Digital Transformation’ Is Catalyzing Changes In ‘Automation Testing’
  4. Scalable and Reliable Cross Browser Testing With Cypress Framework
  5. Shift-Left Testing and Continuous Feedback to Deliver Quality at Agile Speed

Issued 200+ Certifications

Our certificants demonstrated their adaptability and conquerability! Congratulations to our certificants who have earned VALUABLE in-demand LambdaTest certifications for 2021. We issued over 200 certifications! These certifications required hard work and dedication. We are all proud of your accomplishments and wish you continued success!

Besides, we also launched a host of new certifications like Cypress 101, Selenium Python 101, Selenium JavaScript, Selenium C# 101, Selenium Java, JUnit, Selenium Advanced, and TestNG.

If you are looking for Software testing certifications, try out LambdaTest certifications to boost your resume and flaunt your secret test automation skills.

Recognitions And Awards

We thank all of our power users and proudly list some of the awards bestowed upon us in 2021.

  1. G2 Spring Leader
  2. G2 Enterprise High Performer
  3. Spring 2021 Leader by SourceForge
  4. Crozdesk’s Quality Choice 
  5. Crozdesk’s Happiest Users 
  6. Crozdesk’s Trusted Vendor
  7. Most Worthy Software by SaasWorthy
  8. Highly Rated Software by SaasWorthy
  9. Fastest Growing Software by SaasWorthy
  10. Most Popular Software by SaasWorthy

Live With YouTube Community

We launched our LambdaTest YouTube Community in order to interact with testers, developers, and the entire testing community. The types of Community posts involve polls, text-based posts and images. You can find more details at LambdaTest YouTube Community.

Also, our LambdaTest YouTube Channel crossed 4000+ Subscribers and had a cumulative watch time of 8500+ hrs.

Raised $16M In Series B

We raised $16 million in a Series B round led by Sequoia Capital, with Telstra Ventures, Wamda Capital, and a leading sovereign wealth fund. This new round of funding will help us accelerate our vision of providing a robust, comprehensive cloud testing platform to developers and testers globally.

And We’re Expanding

In 2020, we grew and expanded, and we continue to set the standard for 2021. LambdaTest hit 250+ team members in 2021, so we are all set to house our rapidly growing team at the new locations. Our new offices in Bangalore and Chandigarh are now officially open!

What’s Next In 2022!

2021 wasn’t all about executions and accomplishments; it was 365 days of fun, adventure, and growth! 

Beyond these outstanding accomplishments in 2021, we are incredibly excited about what lies ahead in 2022! Our roadmap is jam-packed with features that we can’t wait for you to see very soon! We are currently working on adding more features around App testing, real device cloud, visual regression cloud, performance, and expanding our infrastructure even further to cater to our 600,000+ users across 132 countries. 

Heartiest congratulations to all of our customers, partners, and team members who helped make 2021 an incredible year! Our commitment to providing the fastest, most reliable, and scalable test execution platform is all the more robust.

Happy Testing!

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