35 Key Browser Statistics For Cross Browser Testing In 2019

Posted by Rahul Jain | June 13, 2019
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35 Key Browser Statistics For Cross Browser Testing In 2019

Cross browser testing could end up being a very vast ocean to swim into. And If you dare to do it without proper preparation, then there is a good chance you will end up being astray. The idea of testing a website on various browsers, browser versions, operating systems on the basis of different geographies, all for the sake of targeting a different set of the relevant audience looks very intimidating. However, as intimidating as it may look, it is of equal importance.

Offering a cross browser compatibility testing tool ourselves, we know how humongous the process can be. But, if done right! The overall time-consumption & the effort involved could easily be minimized.

A good web based browser testing strategy along with a complimenting browser compatibility testing tool can help you get the best out of your every release cycle.

LambdaTest offers both manual & automated cross browser compatibility testing with the help of Selenium Grid consisting of 2000+ real browsers & browser versions on-cloud at scale. Get started for free.

With LambdaTest, you can perform browser compatibility testing on your locally hosted web applications or web pages. You could also run multiple Selenium test cases in parallel. You can extract your test reports using the Selenium API. LambdaTest also offers integration to 3rd party project management tools and CI CD tools. You can also perform responsive testing, visual regression testing of your website across different browsers, 24Γ—7 customer chat support, , and more.

With that said, let us go through some key browser statistics that you must keep in mind before implementing your cross browser testing strategy in 2019.

We know by far that Google Chrome is the world’s most used browser, with a market share of 62.7% of overall browser usage. (gs. statcounter, May 2018 – May 19). Here, I am going to talk about the second most used browser-based on different geographies, different device preferences & some peculiar browsers which although are unheard of by the majority of us but are popular in some countries.
35 Key Browser Statistics For Cross Browser Testing

Curious for more? Here are 34 fun facts related to Browser Statistics in 2019.

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Written by Rahul Jain

Rahul is a Digital Marketing Specialist at LambdaTest who loves to read, & write about the latest technology trends, SEO, sports, and travel.

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