7 Top Tips To Consider As A Newbie Automation Tester

Posted by Junaid Ahmed | February 20, 2020
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Top Tips for Newbie Automation Tester

Stating your journey into automation testing can be an overwhelming experience. Especially now when you have so many open-source frameworks and libraries to work with. Selenium offers compatibility across multiple programming languages and different browsers, making it a favorite among budding automation testers. However, even with Selenium testing, you would have to consider language-specific frameworks such as TestNG for Java, PyTest for Python and so on. You also have new programming languages entering the automation testing domain such as SmashTest. You also have domain-specific language such as Gherkin to help you overcome challenges around writing Selenium test automation scripts.

If you’re new to Selenium and wondering what it is then we recommend checking out our guide – What is Selenium?

How Smashtest Is Changing The Way You Write Selenium Tests?

Simply speaking, if you are starting your career into test automation then you have got a lot to learn before you automate end to end testing of your web application. Don’t worry though, the learning you gain is worth the trouble. However, there are a few pointers you need to note down. Here is an infographic that talks about the 7 top tips to consider as a newbie automation tester.


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