8 Most Wanted JavaScript Testing Frameworks Of 2019

Posted by Rahul Jain | December 30, 2019
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JavaScript Testing Frameworks

According to Stack Overflow Insights Survey of 2019, JavaScript has been the most popular programming language with 67.8% share. This most popular programming language was introduced to bring an evolution over web development and it certainly did! The love for JavaScript has been evergrowing and now, it is being utilized for automated browser testing too. Numerous JavaScript testing frameworks have come into the picture to accelerate product delivery. Some are there to help you rush through unit testing, while others are there to perform E2E testing of your web applications. In fact, the abundance of frameworks has made it difficult for professionals to select the right one amid confusion. Which is why I thought of presenting an Infographic to help you analyze the 8 most wanted JavaScript testing frameworks of 2019.

Infographic - Javascript Testing Framework in 2019

To find a detailed comparison in the above-listed JavaScript testing frameworks, read our article on β€œBest 8 JavaScript Testing Frameworks In 2019”

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