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Arnab Roy Chowdhury is a UI developer by profession and a blogging enthusiast. He has been writing content for about 5 years and has strong expertise in technical blogs, travelogues, and content in the latest programming languages.

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Will ReactJS Continue To Dominate In 2019?

As per a survey conducted by The State of Javascript for 2018, React JS have surpassed Angular and others in becoming the most loved UI framework. The popularity of ReactJS has left many of us wondering whether it will be the most dominant framework of 2019.

Arnab Roy Chowdhury
December 21, 2018
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Strategies Test Management

Why You Need To Understand Test Management Strategy To Become Pro?

In the current age, the traditional waterfall model is slowly becoming obsolete, paving the way for Agile and DevOps. Previously, the testing phase was kept to be executed in the end and often when the deadline came closer, testing was done in a hurry, leaving many critical bugs in the open stage.

Arnab Roy Chowdhury
December 19, 2018
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What Is Continuous Integration And Continuous Delivery(CI/CD)?

Continuous integration and Continuous Delivery(CI/CD) are the processes, where your development team involves frequent code changes that are pushed in the main branch while ensuring that it does not impact any changes made by developers working parallelly.

Arnab Roy Chowdhury
December 18, 2018
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End to End Testing

All You Need to Know About End to End Testing

End to end testing is a very common testing methodology where the objective is to test how an application works by checking the flow from start to end. Not only the application flow under dev environment is tested, but the tester also has to check how it behaves once integrated with the external interface.

Arnab Roy Chowdhury
December 11, 2018
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19 JavaScript Questions I Have Been Asked Most In Interviews

Being a fresher it’s a lot difficult to prepare for an interview. You will have very little idea and experience regarding their requirements, what knowledge or technical skill set do they expect from a fresher and most importantly which skill-set to apply for.

Arnab Roy Chowdhury
December 7, 2018
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Exploratory Testing

9 Must Have Skills To Master Exploratory Testing

Exploratory testing is a testing technique that allows testing professionals to ensure whether the developed application is working as intended. Manual testing exists only because of exploratory testing.

Arnab Roy Chowdhury
December 6, 2018
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Software Testing Blogs

Top 17 Software Testing Blogs to Look Out For in 2019

Software testing is one of the widely aspired domain in the current age. Finding out bugs can be a lot of fun, and not only for testers, but it’s also for everyone who wants their application to be free of bugs.

Arnab Roy Chowdhury
December 5, 2018
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Open Source Web UI Mockup Tools

27 Free Web UI Mockup Tools

Being a designer, as we start designing a website we come up with a lot of ideas. However, directly implementing them using HTML or CSS can prove to be a hectic job. Because if your idea is rejected or disapproved by the colleagues or manager then you would have a lot to rework upon

Arnab Roy Chowdhury
November 30, 2018
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19 Typography Tips That Will Change The Way You Design Mobile Web

More than 90% of all the web information consists of text. Although designers spend a lot of time deciding the graphics, interface, and style of the page, an equal amount of time is required for choosing the perfect typography.

Arnab Roy Chowdhury
November 27, 2018
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Top 21 JavaScript And CSS Libraries To Develop Your Website

Everyone, no matter whether they are a fresher or experienced in the domain of UI development and UX design, have at some point became familiar with JavaScript & CSS libraries, around their time in work.

Arnab Roy Chowdhury
November 23, 2018
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