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I’m a 22 year old Software Engineer. Completed my Btech in Information Technology field in 2021. I have a keen interest in Web Development field and currently learning and exploring the field of Frontend Web Development. Love to get my hands dirty on JavaScript And React. Also working as a Web Development Freelancer. Alongside, I’m also working as a Content Creator and I create content on Web Development niche to share my knowledge with others and help them in their tech journey. Also loves to write blogs and articles on tech niche. A huge lover of video games, read books in my spare time, and to maintain fitness, I play football and badminton.

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A Complete Guide To CSS Headers

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A Complete Guide To CSS Headers

One of the integral aspects of a web product is to build an ever-lasting mesmerizing experience. When you open any website, your first touch point is the website’s header. Whether making an eCommerce business, SaaS business, or a simple portfolio website, you want the header to do the talking for you.

September 21, 2022

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