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Idowu is a self-taught programmer, coding YouTuber, and technical writer with a penchant for teaching. He started his coding career in 2018 but combined it with technical writing a year later and has never looked back. He has worked for a couple of websites over the years, and you'll find some of his coding guides on popular websites like MUO. He loves discussing software structure and coding topics in Python, JavaScript, Golang, and TypeScript. And when it comes to software testing, he's a fan of Playwright and Selenium.

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Playwright Testing

Playwright Python Tutorial: Getting Started With Python End To End Testing

It’s essential to test all components of your website to see if they work as expected. Playwright’s end to end testing capability helps you achieve this easily. However, if you’re comfortable using Python, you can pair it with the Playwright testing framework to run Python end to end testing on your website.

September 6, 2022

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