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LambdaTest Integrates With TestingWhiz

Test automation has been a lifesaver for testers all over the world. Won’t you agree with us? It has helped minimize manual efforts and reduced the overall time spent on writing repetitive test cases.

Kritika Murari
January 14, 2021
LambdaTest Updates •

LT Browser Is Live On Product Hunt!

Hey everyone! We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve launched LT Browser on Product Hunt! Do check it out and we would absolutely love to see your feedback and suggestions over there.

Kritika Murari
January 13, 2021
LambdaTest Updates •

2020 At LambdaTest: Our Year In Review

2020 has been a crazy year so far. It has been challenging for businesses and consumers alike and I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to just forget this year and put it behind.

Kritika Murari
December 29, 2020
LambdaTest Updates •
cross browser test coverage with testCafe & LambdaTest

Get True Cross Browser Test Coverage With TestCafe & LambdaTest

We successfully hosted a webinar in collaboration with DevExpress on 2nd December 2020. The host, Mudit Singh- Director of Product & Growth at LambdaTest, got together with Paul Usher from DevExpress.

Kritika Murari
December 24, 2020
Automation • Webinar •
LT Teamcity plugin

We’re Now Live With LambdaTest TeamCity Plugin

2020 has proved turbulent for many businesses. But with your support, we’ve weathered the storm surprisingly well. And since this year is about to end and the holiday season is upon us, we thought it is time to show our loyal customers our appreciation and bestow them with gifts and love.

Kritika Murari
December 22, 2020
LambdaTest Updates •

Introducing LambdaTest Certifications & Learning Hub

Howdy testers! We know it’s been a stressful, overwhelming, and unpredictable time for most people. But instead of trying to convince you that everything is okay, we believe in stating the truth: things haven’t been easy.

Kritika Murari
November 30, 2020
LambdaTest Updates •
Lambdatest product Update October 2020

Oct ‘20 Updates: Community 2.0, Coding Jag, UnderPass, Extension With Azure Pipelines & More!

Boo! It’s the end of the spooky season, but we are not done with our share of treats yet! We are always working tirelessly to improve your LambdaTest experience, and it can be a little hard to keep track of everything.

Kritika Murari
November 4, 2020
LambdaTest Updates •
Jenkins Best Practices

Are You Following These Jenkins Best Practices?

This article is a part of our Content Hub. For more in-depth resources, check out our content hub on Jenkins Tutorial. The need for seamless collaboration has driven us closer to the best possible orchestration tools around, specifically Continuous Integration (CI) & Continuous Delivery (CD) tools. Amongst all the competition, Jenkins has emerged with a … Continue reading Are You Following These Jenkins Best Practices?

Kritika Murari
October 28, 2020
CI/CD • DevOps •

Live With Android 10, Multilingual Keyboard, GeoIP Reproduce & More!

Ahoy testers! We love to connect with you every now and then to update you with our product’s latest add-ons. Keeping up with that tradition, we are back with the latest product updates, and we have a lot of them this time.

Kritika Murari
October 20, 2020
LambdaTest Updates •
Live With Redmine Integration

We’re Live With Redmine Integration, New Browsers, Microsoft Teams Notifications & More!

Hey people! How’s everything going in the testing business? We know it is super hard to keep up the morale of your entire team-high when working remotely. Testing is an ongoing process, and most testers are always on the lookout for ways to improve and optimize their testing process.

Kritika Murari
September 17, 2020
LambdaTest Updates •