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Maneesh Sharma is the Chief Operating Officer at LambdaTest, leading the company’s GTM growth and operations. Passionate about technology and software innovation, Maneesh has over 24 year of experience in the industry. Before LambdaTest, Maneesh was the Country Head and General Manager of GitHub India, making it the world’s fastest growing developer market for GitHub. Maneesh has held a number of leadership positions at leading technology companies, including Adobe and SAP, and he was also the JAVA Ambassador at Sun Microsystems, where he drove developer engagement across APAC.

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Open Source Community, Innovation & Testing ⚡️

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Open Source Community, Innovation & Testing ⚡️

TL; DR; To support innovation in software testing frameworks and toolsets, LambdaTest is excited to announce a $250,000 grant for open source projects and contributors building solutions for the QA and Testing community. 🙏🏻

September 12, 2022

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