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Sadhvi Singh is a QA Manager. In 7 years of her professional journey, she has worked on multiple domains and testing techniques like Automation testing, Database testing, API testing, Manual testing, and Security testing. With multiple tools exposure added to her experience, she has skilled herself further through her two major accolades at International level through ISTQB with foundation and advanced levels.

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Speed Up Automated Parallel Testing In Selenium With TestNG

Speed Up Automated Parallel Testing In Selenium With TestNG

Cross browser testing can turn out to be stressful and time consuming if performed manually. Imagine the amount of manual efforts required to test an application on multiple browsers and versions. Infact, you will be

Sadhvi Singh
February 11, 2019
Automation β€’ Cross Browser Testing β€’ Selenium Tutorial β€’
Software Testing

Why To Choose Quality Over Quantity In Software Testing?

Being in the software industry as a part of quality assurance, you are always expected to carry a quality stick to ensure quality is maintained to the β€˜T’. We are always asked to put ourselves into the shoes of the customer and

Sadhvi Singh
January 31, 2019
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Automation Code

8 Actionable Insights To Write Better Automation Code

As you start on with automation you may come across various approaches, techniques, framework and tools you may incorporate in your automation code. Sometimes such versatility leads to greater complexity in code than providing better flexibility or better means of resolving issues.

Sadhvi Singh
January 8, 2019
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Automated Testing With JUnit And Selenium For Browser Compatibility

This article is a part of our Content Hub. For more in-depth resources, check out our content hub on JUnit Tutorial. Cross browser testing as we know is a process where you test your website over multiple numbers of browser & browser versions running on different operating systems. This is done so to realize the … Continue reading Automated Testing With JUnit And Selenium For Browser Compatibility

Sadhvi Singh
January 4, 2019
Automation β€’ Selenium Tutorial β€’

Starting Automation Testing From Scratch? Here Is What You Need To Know!

As we are moving towards rapid development cycles and quicker deliveries to market, driven through agile methodology, performing manual testing seems time-consuming, repetitive and prone to human errors.

Sadhvi Singh
December 25, 2018
Automation β€’ Manual Testing β€’