Infographic: Importance Of Automation Testing In DevOps

Posted by Rahul Jain | January 30, 2020
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Automation testing has become a lifeline for modern release cycles. It helps to save time, reduce monotonous work, and is less prone to error, etc. Like automation testing, DevOps has also become essential for the agile dominated software world. DevOps simply refers to Development & Operations working together.

Every small scale software business and large scale enterprises are making sure that automation testing and DevOps go hand in hand for the continuous testing process. And those who don’t, have a hard time delivering their web application on time. The two have become indispensable for SDLC(Software Development Life Cycle) and to practice DevOps without automation testing would be extremely difficult. Why?

Well, that is precisely what I am going to answer today. Here is an infographic to help you understand the relevance of automation testing in DevOps.

Infographic: Importance Of Automation Testing In DevOps

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Written by Rahul Jain

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