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LambdaTest Is Now Live With Hive Integration

Harshit Paul

Posted On: March 20, 2019

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We believe in collaboration and to make it easy for customers, we are excited to launch another integration on LambdaTest platform. We have taken another leap towards establishing a testing ecosystem through our new LambdaTest integration with Hive.

Hive is a renowned project management tool that allows team to speed up their release cycles with seamless coordination. Hive offers an easy to comprehend interface with numerous features such as gantt chart, kanban board, calendar to flexibly orchestrate your project delivery. Hive offers transparency, bringing everyone’s activity on a project dashboard view so everyone gets aware of what others are doing. As a project lead, you can also maintain a keen eye over every project that different teams are working upon with the help of Summary Views of Hive. Using Summary views you can stay vigilant over deadlines with respect to project progress.

Why Hive Is So Popular?

Fluid Project Management– Offers various in-built features like kanban board, table, calendar, gantt chart to bring more adjustability to your projects.

Transparency with Multiple Project Layouts – Hive provides you 6 type of views:

  1. Status View– All your cards are represented with a ‘status’. There are 4 status provided i.e Unstarted, In Progress, Under Review & Completed.
  2. Team View– All actions are placed under a list & each list is assigned to a team member. Actions can be assigned to someone else on the team by simple drag and drop.
  3. Calendar View– Monitor deadlines for all the actions that are assigned to each team member.
  4. Label View– You can set unique labels for various list. This view will help you to monitor the actions on a list represented under a specific label.
  5. Gantt Chart– A chart representing all your actions along with their dedicated timeline. Simple drag and drop interface to help you make changes to the timeline or adding a new action on the chart.
  6. Table View-This is more like a spreadsheet for all your actions. You can sort them by filters and organize the data as you see fit.

Summary views will help you get a complete picture of the progress towards your roadmap by providing a collective view of several projects.

Better Communication– Hive allows you to communicate more effectively with your colleagues with the help of Hive messaging. You can also invite external user on your Hive project for establishing a constant means of access. You can even share your files to others by uploading it on Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or Box account directly.

Analytics and Alerts– Hive provides real-time notifications powered by machine learning in order to alert you with any anomalies. Hive analytics would help you realize your team’s overall productivity. Other than that, time tracking would help you in realizing the ETAs on your actions.

Information Gathering– With action cards, personalized action list & Hive forms you can collect the information that is most useful to you.

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LambdaTest + Hive

Finding UI issues in your test cycles over one platform and logging bugs for the same on another platform could be tiresome. It is why LambdaTest is out with numerous third party integrations to help you share your UI observation with your colleagues in just a single click, directly from the middle of a test session

Using LambdaTest + Hive integration you can log bugs to your Hive instance with relevant information and even assign it to a colleague, in a single click effort. You can do all that in between while performing cross browser testing on LambdaTest.

Wanna hear something cool? All our integration to 3rd party applications including our new integration of LambdaTest with Hive, are available for free to all our customers.

Wish to get started with LambdaTest & Hive integration? Follow our step-by-step guide for the same.

You can also refer to our video tutorial for the same.

Well, How Was That?

We hope you like our new third party integration with Hive. Let us know of your thoughts on the same in the comment section below. That was just one integration, we have many more on our platform. You can check them all out by going to LambdaTest Integrations. If you can’t find your favorite bug tracking tool under our integrations then feel free to share it with us through our 24//7 customer chat support or you can drop a suggestion at We look forward to bringing more integrations on our platform for your convenience. Stay tuned!

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