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Harshit Paul

Posted On: January 2, 2020

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So we are on the last day of the decade and I am sure you must be reminiscing about how the years flew by. We are with you on that one! 2019 has been exhilarating for LambdaTest. We launched our online Selenium Grid at the start of the year and have worked on expanding it ever since. We introduced integrations to third-party CI/CD tools, codeless automation tools, and more project management tools. We brought in open APIs to help our testers extract their test automation report directly from LambdaTest to their preferred tool. We also collaborated with tech influencers to conduct free webinars around test automation. All in all, it has been a great year!

With the dawn of 2020, we are all looking forward to all the new things that would come our way. We are hoping to start the year with a bang. And what better way is there to start a new year than to have a quick recap of the last one?

So here we are going to have a quick look at our 19 most popular blogs of 2019. Without further ado, let us reminisce!

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1. Top 13 Skills Of A Proficient QA Manager In 2019



Being a QA manager or QA lead is never easy! To make sure that your testing team is able to deliver their assigned tasks on time in fast-paced release cycles, you are going to need more than just an agile dashboard. Here we highlight the top 13 skills of a QA manager. You can make a note of these skills as you head out in 2020.

2. 9 Methods How You Can Test Internet Explorer On Mac



Internet Explorer has been a matter of interest for web developers and testers alike! The browser incompatibility and global market share, nobody wants to emit Internet Explorer out of their cross browser testing checklist. But how can you test Internet Explorer if you have a macOS with you? It doesn’t come pre-installed and you can’t download it from the store.
Well, here are 9 interesting ways for you to test Internet Explorer on Mac.

3. 16 Best Practices Of CI/CD Pipeline To Speed Test Automation


 best practices for CI-CD pipeline

Almost every company is aiming for continuous testing in their release cycles. To implement continuous testing, you would need 2 major components. One is your CI/CD pipeline and other is automation testing. However, having these 2 components won’t assure you a bug-free release guarantee. It is important that your automation testing scripts do not end up breaking your feeble CI/CD pipeline. Here are 16 best practices for CI/CD pipeline that would help you go faster with your automation test cases.

4. 21 Tips To Become Better In JavaScript, Much Much Better!



JavaScript has become an inevitable part of the world wide web. Every business running online is having JavaScript embedded in their website, some way or the other. According to a survey of Stack Overflow 2019, JavaScript has been the most popular language. Keeping that in mind, if you are willing to jumpstart your career in JavaScript or if you are already working on the language, these 21 tips will help you become more efficient in JavaScript.

5. Webinar: LambdaTest and CloudBeat Collaborates For Faster Selenium Testing


Our Co-founder Jay Singh went live for a webinar with Nachum Dimer, CEO of CloudBeat. CloudBeat introduced an open-source test automation framework called OxygenHQ. The framework will help you run your Selenium and Appium scripts in an easier way. This webinar demonstrated how Oxygen can help you simplify your test automation along with a browser coverage of 2000+ real browsers hosted over LambdaTest online Selenium Grid. Watch the entire recording of the webinar on our YouTube channel and don’t forget to subscribe!

6. Selenium Automation Testing with Disabled JavaScript Settings; Is It Worth Your Time?



Ramit, our test automation expert was wondering what would happen to Selenium automation testing scripts if the JavaScript for a website is disabled. So he tested it out and shared his results in this article. So should you disable JavaScript while Selenium automation testing? Read our article and find out!

7. The Why & How To Create A Front-End Website Testing Plan



The relevance of a comprehensive plan for front-end testing of your web-application is often underestimated. Truth being told, if you perform your test cycles on a random basis in random order then there is a good chance of you being astray after a while. You may even forget to test an important module or two, which can lead to an outage! So how should you plan to ensure a bug-free release? Read our article to understand the importance of front-end website testing plan, and to figure out the right way of doing it.

8. Leveraging Pairwise Test Technique For Cross Browser Testing


 Leveraging Pairwise Test Technique

As per the ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board):

“Pairwise Testing is a black box test design technique in which test cases are designed to execute all possible discrete combinations of each pair of input parameters.”

In this article, we have demonstrated how pairwise testing can help you achieve nearly 100% test coverage for cross browser testing along with an example and a real-world problem statement.

9. 17 Excuses Every Website Tester Should Get Rid Of Immediately


We understand the exertion that comes with testing. It is only natural to assume that the neverending testing checklists are bound to make you commit to a mistake or two. However, what makes this peculiar is the statements we make after committing those mistakes. The excuses we come up with as a tester can sometimes be hilarious enough to leave us with a red-faced moment. Which is why we come up with a list of 17 most hilarious excuses of a website tester that they should get rid of right away.

10. Best 8 JavaScript Testing Frameworks In 2019


 Best 8 JavaScript Testing Frameworks

Gone are the days when JavaScript was only relevant to web developers. The ubiquity of JavaScript on the World Wide Web has welcomed it on the doors of automation testing. With the help of numerous open-source test automation frameworks, web testers have also begun to utilize JavaScript for their web applications. However, with so many open-source frameworks being launched, picking the right one can be tricky! Read our article on Best 8 JavaScript testing frameworks to realize the framework for your next web testing project.

11. Death Of IE; Its Aftermath On Cross Browser Compatibility


 Death Of IE

Did you know that Microsoft ditched updates on Internet Explorer back in 2015? What is surprising is the fact that Internet Explorer still holds a relative percentage of browser market share. Keeping that in mind, Microsoft’s Security Chief, Chris Jackson, urged people to stop using IE in their official blog post.

The blog post certainly worked as a wake-up call, asking people to look for an alternative browser than to go for a deprecated and deserted Internet Explorer. As per Statcounter, ever since the announcement in March 2019, the market share of IE has declined from 2.56% to 1.57% as of Dec 2019.

Many are anticipating that Internet Explorer would completely vanish in 2020. What do you think will be the effects of that on the browser wars? Will Edge gain more browser market share? Will browser compatibility issues be a lot less than they are now or vice versa? Read our blog to find answers to these questions.

12. How Code Reviewing Can Help With Quality Assurance?


Quality Assurance

If you may think that code reviewing is a developer’s job and a tester does not have to be a part of it, you would have to re-evaluate that! Code reviewing can help you write better test cases beforehand, you can even talk about the impacts of code-suggestions advised in the code reviewing meet. That is not all you get as a tester, to know about more benefits, read our article on code reviewing and quality assurance.

13. Variable Fonts vs Static Fonts & Cross browser Compatibility


 Variable Fonts vs Static Fonts

Ever since the introduction of Variable Fonts in web typography, the relevance of Static Fonts has been trivial. However, the two are still often debated over many web discussion forums and threads! Which is why we thought of coming up with an article to help you end this debate. So you can pick the winner between Variable Fonts vs Static Fonts.

14. Mastering Selenium Testing: JUnit Asserts With Examples


Mastering Selenium Testing

Assertions play a pivotal role in Selenium automation testing by allowing us to verify whether our test cases have passed or failed. Using assertions, you can keep a track over the volume of tests that are failed while your Selenium testing scripts are executed. In this article, we demonstrated how to leverage assertions in JUnit with examples.

15. How Professional QA Implements A Robust CI/CD Pipeline?


A Robust CI-CD Pipeline

If you have been a part of a release window, you would know how critical and sensitive CI/CD pipeline can turn out to be! A slight error can postpone the deployment, or even worst, you may end up migrating a code change that can potentially shut down your live web application. Learn how to establish a robust CI/CD pipeline that ensures flawless code migration from a Staging environment to the Production.

16. How Do You Calculate Your ROI On Test Automation With Selenium?


ROI On Test Automation With Selenium

So you are planning to bring automation testing with Selenium on-board, or maybe you have been doing so already. Now, you are having your team meeting or the boss calls you for a one-to-one discussion with a very specific question in mind. “What Is The ROI On Test Automation?” or “Where Is The ROI On Test Automation?”

Well, before you start explaining your returns of investment in test automation, make sure to have your metrics ready. Our article around ROI on test automation will help you determine if you are considering everything in the account for test automation.

17. Infographic: Top JavaScript Frameworks To Look Out For In 2019


Top JavaScript Frameworks

Here is an eye-catching infographic that talks about the top JavaScript frameworks based on the survey of Stateofjs2018. The infographic was inspired by our detailed article on top JavaScript frameworks of 2019. We talked about different open-source test automation of JavaScript for front-end web development frameworks, back-end javascript frameworks, and test automation frameworks for JavaScript.

18. Top 19 Chrome Extensions For Web Developers & Designers In 2019


19 chrome extentions

The Chrome Web Store is amassed with thousands of extensions. As a result, you may end up missing out on a useful Chrome Extension that could have helped with the release that just got postponed due to a delay in your commitments. Make sure to check these top Chrome Extensions for developers as you look forward towards the new year.

19. Browser Engines: The Crux Of Cross Browser Compatibility


Browser Engines

So you know what cross browser compatibility is, but do you know what leads to it? What is the core reason behind the cross browser compatibility? Browser engines my friend, browser engines! A browser engine is the heart of a browser and is responsible for interpreting the code of your website or web-application before rendering it in front of your audience. Interesting, isn’t it? Follow our article to understand how browser engines are affecting the cross browser compatibility of modern web development.

We Wish You A Fantastic 2020!

May you catch more UI bugs in the coming year than your customers, and develop a robust web application that renders seamlessly across multiple browsers and operating systems.

Fun fact: Did you realize that there is not going to be a teen year for almost a century now? As in 2013,14,15,16,17,18 and 2019 are all out, and the next time that they would be on is going to be between the years 2113 – 2119.

That was all for today, stay tuned for our upcoming articles. Hit the notification bell and subscribe to our blog and be notified as soon as we publish an article around browser testing, selenium automation, agile, CI/CD, and more. Hasta la vista! 🙂

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