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Webpack for browser compatibility

Using Webpack 4 to Create Browser Compatible Apps

Rejoice! Weekend is here. I know everybody wants to rush towards the doors and feel that freedom. But bear with me for a few minutes. On February 25, 2018 Webpack 4 was released, it’s interesting that

Robin Jangu
June 29, 2018
Cross Browser Testing •

Test a SignUp Page: Problems, Test Cases, and Template

Every user journey on a website starts from a signup page. Signup page is one of the simplest yet one of the most important page of the website. People do everything in their control to increase the conversions on their

Deeksha Agarwal
June 28, 2018
Cross Browser Testing •
LambdaTest Integration with VSTS

Visual Studio Team Service Integration Now live!

LambdaTest is a user driven company. User feedback is very important part of our product development road-map. Based on customer demand we are now live with single click integration with Microsoft Visual Studio Team

Lambda Test
June 27, 2018
LambdaTest Updates •
regression testing strategy for agile teams

Building a Regression Testing Strategy for Agile Teams

If Agile development had a relationship status, it would have been it’s complicated. Where agile offers a numerous advantages like faster go to market, faster ROI, faster customer support, reduced risks, constant

Deeksha Agarwal
June 26, 2018
Automation • Regression Testing •
Babel JS transpiler

Write Browser Compatible JavaScript Code using BabelJS

Cross browser compatibility can simply be summed up as a war between testers and developers versus the world wide web. Sometimes I feel that to achieve browser compatibility, you may need to sell your soul

Robin Jangu
June 25, 2018
JavaScript •

Guide to Browser Compatibility for Online Learning Platforms

Cross Browser Compatibility is not limited to high end business or eCommerce websites. It is not just limited to just a testing process or checkbox to tick to signify test completion. Cross Browser compatibility

Robin Jangu
June 22, 2018
Cross Browser Testing •
Top 10 Books for Getting Started with Automation Testing

Top 10 Books for Getting Started with Automation Testing

Are you looking for the top books for Automation Testers? Ah! That’s why you are here. When I hear the term book, This famous saying always spins up in my head. There is no friend as loyal as a book.- Ernest Hemingway

Deeksha Agarwal
June 21, 2018
Miscellaneous •
Cross Browser Compatibility in Wordpress Websites

Cross Browser Compatibility in WordPress Websites

WordPress is like a lighthouse, that lightens up 30% of the internet. Pivotal reason behind it’s huge success is the level of customization that it offers along with huge amount of community support in the form of plugins

Robin Jangu
June 20, 2018
Cross Browser Testing • Miscellaneous •
Checklists of tests before going live

Cross Browser Testing Checklist Before Going Live

When someone develops a website, going live it’s like a dream come true. I have also seen one of my friends so excited as he was just about to launch his website. When he finally hit the green button, some unusual trend

Deeksha Agarwal
June 19, 2018
Cross Browser Testing • Manual Testing •
Top trends in HTML5

Top 6 HTML5 Trends For Webmasters

There are more than 1.8 Billion distinct websites running right now. The whole world is running on webpages and these webpages are running on HTML. Hypertext Markup Language is one of the oldest and most used

Ishant Agarwal
June 15, 2018
Miscellaneous •

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