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Ritesh Shetty

Posted On: October 6, 2020

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We’re in the final quarter of 2020, and the year certainly went by in a flash. With pandemic hitting the global pause button, it almost made us believe that everything is at a standstill. But things changed. At first remote working seemed illusional but now it’s the new normal. And with this, we challenged ourselves to level up the product and make remote working easier for testers & developers. So here we are with our latest product updates to help you learn better, implement faster, and make testing easier.

This month we got our most awaited updates- LambdaTest Community 2.0 & Coding Jag!

LambdaTest Community 2.0 now has amazing new features to ensure a continuous relationship with our users to grow together. And further a long overdue goal of ours- introducing our very own newsletter “Coding Jag” which we are launching today.

LambdaTest Community 2.0 – Ask, Learn, Collaborate, Execute

We are always listening to our community! After months of listening and analyzing your feedback, we realized that our community UI was a hustle to find the right things. It lacked crucial features, which makes a community more engaging. We did what needed to be done to fix this issue and we’re excited to announce that we have revamped the LambdaTest community. You can call it Community 2.0, with a much better UI, fantastic interactive design, good navigation, and a space where you can engage. We ensured our community helps you grow and collaborate with other testers to make testing more fun and easy.

Unveiling our Community 2.0-

lambdatest community

What’s New In Community 2.0?

Well, we worked around what you wanted and introduced a handful of new features to level up the testing game in the near future. The community will now be categorized into multiple subsets, where you can access almost everything related to the automation and testing world. Let’s jump into the categories straightaway!

Getting started with LambdaTest

This is the first category as you land to our Community Page! It has all the things you can do with LambdaTest, whether you want to learn about performing local testing using LambdaTest Tunnel or get a quick demo! Make the most of this space by collaborating with other testers and developers, asking questions within the community guidelines, and learning more about our platform.


Community Showcase

We believe a strong community has two pillars: you and your readers. We ensured that we appreciate our community’s work by showcasing all the curated articles, tutorials, and mentions we’ve come across. If you have built something using LambdaTest API, make sure you share it with us, and we will scale it up to a wider audience here.

This can be your hall of fame!

Community Showcase

From The Experts

Use this space to learn more complex stuff related to testing and to widen your perspectives around the testing world. Here we will share hand-picked resources from the experts to help you take your learnings to the next level.

From The Experts


With so much happening in the testing world and LambdaTest, we know it’s tough to stay updated. But not anymore! Whether it’s our monthly webinars, testing conferences, hackathons, we will keep you updated with all the events so that you don’t miss out on anything.

General Discussions

Do you have any questions related to testing but not sure where to ask them? Well, you can shoot those questions here. But don’t forget to follow our community guidelines 🙂

General Discussions

From The House of LambdaTest

Do you like our blog posts? We know you do. Want to read them first? Now you can read our latest blogs, product updates (just like this one!), in-demand topics around testing, selenium, automation, and more the moment they go live. You can also share your thoughts on these topics, and we will make sure to consider them. Use this space to engage with us and ask your questions.


Product Support

A pitstop to help you get better with LambdaTest. This category is to help you clear all queries, FAQs related to our product. Our dev team will be highly active here to help and engage with you! Also, you could get help from other LambdaTesters who are now releasing quality builds.

Make the most of this space!

Product Support

Testing Resource Directory

A testing directory to help you with all your website testing needs right from integrations, frameworks, communication tools, project management tools, and more to make testing a bit easier. Additionally, we will also be sharing LambdaTest GitHub Repos!


Job Board

Still looking for the right job? Utilize this space to find a job where you will be a “good fit”. Jobs related to testing space will be posted here, making it easier for you to scan and apply!

Job Board

Introducing Coding Jag – Our Very Own Newsletter!

Introducing CodingJag

You heard it right! We finally decided to launch our weekly newsletter, “Coding Jag,” and we will send the first edition today. Like us, we realize our customers are also busy people. And we wouldn’t want you guys to miss out on important industry updates on testing, product releases, or tips for better testing or even content to improve your testing skills.

Coding Jag will include a curated list of articles categorized around different spaces related to testing. Let’s have a closer look!

News: This will be a more candid approach to our complex testing space. Wherein we shall update the latest happenings, good reads, and compelling stories around testing.

Performance: Articles around how to scale up your testing performance will be added here. Learn about challenges, optimizing your testing pipeline, debunk the myths and more.

Automation: Interested to learn more about automation testing? This space will be a helpful resource for you. Read the latest updates around automation testing here.

Tools: Do you want to stay updated about the latest testing tools but unsure where to find them? Discover new testing tools here, learn with the best articles, and utilize them for optimum results.

Podcasts: Glad to see that the testing community has leveraged podcasts to share and learn about testing and development. Do you also want to leverage them but don’t have the time to check all of them? Well, now you can find them in one place here.

It has long been our goal to create our newsletter, and we are really excited to get our weekly newsletter underway finally. If you’re not still subscribed to the Coding Jag, now is a good time to do so ?

Subscribe to Coding Jag and get the best news around the testing world delivered to your inbox every Thursday morning.

In the future, we would like to send more targeted newsletters and will let you select categories of topics you wish to receive updates on. But for now, we have something for every techy in our newsletter, so you won’t be left disappointed.

Let us know what you think of it. Here’s to a bigger testing community!

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