Role Of Automation Testing In Agile

Posted by Rahul Jain | December 24, 2019
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Role Of Automation Testing

Every company wants their release cycle to be driven in the fast lane. Agile and automation testing have been the primary tools in the arsenal of any web development team. Incorporating both in SDLC(Software Development Life Cycle), has empowered web testers and developers to collaborate better and deliver faster. It is only natural to assume that these methodologies have become lifelines for web professionals, allowing them to cope up with the ever-changing customer demands.

However, there are still a few companies that hesitate to automated testing in agile. as they feel uneasy with the thought of implementing automation testing from scratch. Another major conundrum for the QA manager is to realize when to automate testing?

The thought of automation testing may seem intimidating at first, but if done right, automation testing can help you reap great benefits. Which is why I thought of coming up with an infographic to help you realize why and when to perform automation testing in agile, along with the few renowned automation testing tools.

If you’re new to Selenium and wondering what it is then we recommend checking out our guide – What is Selenium?

 Role Of Automation Testing In Agile

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