SyntaxError : Reserved Word

Posted by Robin Jangu | April 16, 2018
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SyntaxError : Reserved Word

Remember when you were a mere beginner in JavaScript, while learning you must have come across the term ‘reserved words’. These are the words that you can’t use as names for variables. Apart from mainstream keywords like break, var, if…else etc. there are many more reserved keywords.

Following will be the error messages you will receive if by accident you use such words. Seasoned JS developers too commit such blunders while scripting.

Strict mode

Strict mode has become a necessity because of its many benefits. It keeps in check and streamlines the code flow, error debugging too becomes very easy. I wouldn’t say that it has shortcomings but you need to be extra careful while implementing this.

In addition to the already existing reserved keywords, Strict mode reserves a few more keywords like implements, interface, let, package, private, protected, public, as, yield and static.

Unexpected syntax error

Now we change the variable name to avengerEnemy, now it will work.

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If you still get the same error, it may be due to the outdated browser version. Try updating the browser, as the old versions have old reserved words that need to be revised.
Happy scripting!

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Written by Robin Jangu

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