Top 10 WordPress Cross-Browser Compatible Themes

Posted by Sachin Sharma | January 18, 2018
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Visual appeal is one of the major factors in building relationships with customers. If you can appeal your customers, you are a step closer to building a permanent relationship with them i.e. the end term goal. So it is a necessity that your website should look beautiful and presentable. One of the many ways to do so is to apply a theme. But there are millions of themes available which makes it difficult to choose the best one amongst them.

So to make your work a little bit easier, we have done some research and made a list of the best themes available which are cross browser compatible too.

1. Spoons | Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Description: This theme can be used for many purposes. Spoons is responsive and interactive theme.
Spoons | Multipurpose WordPress Theme

2. Synergia – A Multi-Concept Theme for Digital Agencies and Startups

Description: This theme can be used by all Digital agencies and All kind of startups.



3. Kaiser – A Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme

Description: This theme is for making business portfolios. It is very creative and responsive.

Kaiser – A Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme


4. Karion – Construction & Building WordPress Theme

Description: This theme is useful for the businesses like Building and construction portfolios.

Karion - Construction & Building WordPress Theme


5. Kalόs – A Clean Multi-Concept Portfolio Theme

Description: This is a portfolio theme and it has a very unique and creative design.



6. Start It – Technology & Startup WP Theme

Description: This is a theme which is very useful for the new startups in the field of technology.
It has very responsive design and a very interactive look.
Start It


7. Santos – Modern Multi-Purpose Theme

Description: This theme can be used for any purpose like technology startups and for portfolios etc.

Santos – Modern Multi-Purpose Theme


8. Moresa – Business WordPress Theme

Description: This theme is specified for the business purposes. Any kind of business website can adopt this theme.

Moresa - Business WordPress Theme


9. Beratung – Multi-Purpose Business & Consulting WordPress Theme

Description: Beratung is a theme used for the business as well as construction based websites.
It comes with multiple features like responsive design and interactive look.



10. Invxtassy – Finance and Consulting WordPress Theme

Description: This theme is devoted to the Finance and Consultancy type of websites.
Its responsive nature makes it even better.


That was all about cross browser compatibility. Now, to take things on a little lighter note, I would recommend you to read this article to find some of the most exciting WordPress themes for events in 2019.

Cross Browser Testing on Cloud

Written by Sachin Sharma

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