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Vishal Goyal

Posted On: July 19, 2018

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Whether you are a businessman, or a blogger, or you have just launched your online portal for your next venture, it’s important to know how your website is behaving across all browsers and platforms. When you put so much money for the online presence you would want to know whether that amount is getting you something or not.

This is where analytical tools come in handy which provides you detailed statistics about browser usage and real time user traffic. We have put a comprehensive list of best analytical tools present in the market so that you can now make the best of your time and now strategise those campaigns based on real data.


Statcounter shows you on which browser your users are the most and least in an increasing and chronological orders. With statcounter you can put labels and filters on your website users and can segment them as your needs and utility. Interestingly, this software comes with a live visitor map through which you can get the real time locations of your online users and see in which area you are working best and where your brand needs promotion. It is a paid service software, but comes with a 30 free day trial. You can see how users navigate through your site, what is the bounce rate of your web-pages and thus decide what parts of your website needs more modification to draw users attention.

Moreover, the software comes with mobile compatible application so that you can have all the stats right in your hand.

statcounter stats


Can you believe that W3schools have more than 50 million visitors per month and that too to just look into browser statistics. That’s how much browser usage statistics are important to the businesses. They have very simplified and neat home page that lists all the prominent browsers and show their user stats in an organised manner. You can scroll through the yearly and monthly trends in the browsers usage and see how across different time-spans multiple browsers are performing. Not just that, they have special sections for individual browsers too where one can see the usage statistics for individual browsers and how they are performing over the time. All the stats and details are completely free.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of my favourites. This software encompasses several uses from tracking stats for websites, applications, urls and much more. You can get the stats for the browser usages, browser trends, keyword trends, website traffic, user locations to strategise market campaigns and user stats for your personal urls too. All the services and stats provided by analytics are free of any charges and you can set it up very easily. Google analytics comes as a mobile application too. The stats are represented in forms of graphs, bars, pie charts so it is interesting to read and easy to comprehend.

Google analytics

Net Applications

Net Applications exhaustive statistics data is based upon the analytics from more than 40,000 websites and 160 million users per month. They provide extensive analytics services for your websites and applications. You can track your user details, browser stats, location information, web-pages stats and much more. They even integrate bot mitigation to keep your website safe from bots and running smoothly.

net applications


Clicky is a very simplified analytics tool that comes up with a neat interface reducing all the unnecessary details. They provide you with Powerful API. Twitter analytics. Google search rankings. Video analytics. Big screen mode. Sub-users. The best bounce rate in the biz. HTTPS tracking. Amazingly, it comes up with spam filtering and an A+ SSL rating. It has a free version available so you can just go and try it out!

clicky analytics


This is not just your analytics tool. Gosquared provides all the browser analytical tools along with CRM and Live chat options too. Comes with a 14 day free trial version. It has a very slick design and compact view to manage multiple details at one time. You can track the real time stats as well as predict the numbers with this software.

go squared

Matomo(Formerly Piwik)

Matomo has a red theme based simple design and supports both desktop and mobile platforms. It provides real time analytics and all the data is served on their cloud servers. There is not data limit and comes up with a 30 days free trial.


download whitepaper


Woopra is a quick to integrate and clean analytics tool. It not only provides tracking tools and analytics about browser usages, user details, website performance but also helps in communicating this data among the teams so that they can coordinate better and plan easily. You can get the details of each user and his/her actions to design promotion campaigns according to your user base. All the analytics data comes up with easy to comprehend charts, segmentation, labels, graphic etc. Free trial version is available.



Chartbeat is more focussed on the content part and its analytics. Best for bloggers, magazines, news websites, chartbeat optimises your content and provides real time content focused analytics to improve your editorial strategies. The software provides detailed reports to analyse what you are doing best and what should be done to attract more viewers.



Gauges has its speciality in a way that you can track analytics for your multiple websites at a time. The interface might a bit dull but it is useful for long duration and less painful to eyes. The view is quite compact. The free version is available for basic features.


Again, there is no hard and fast rule to decide which software is better for you. I would say most of them provides free trials, so why not try them. You have different needs as per your ventures. So it is always better to find an appropriate alignment between your needs and the software mentioned above.

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