Browser Compatibility Testing of CSS Revert Value

Test on Latest Desktop and Mobile Browsers For CSS revert value
Browser Compatibility Testing of CSS Revert Value
CSS revert value

CSS Revert value

A CSS keyword value that resets a property's value to the default specified by the browser in its UA stylesheet, as if the webpage had not included any CSS. For example, display:revert on a para would result in display:block. This is in contrast to the initial value, which is simply defined on a per-property basis, and for display would be inline.
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Browser Support for CSS Revert Value

Google Chrome

Chrome browser version 4 to Chrome browser version 24 doesn't supports CSS revert value.

Mozilla Firefox

This element is not supported by Mozilla Firefox browser.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer browser version 6 to Internet Explorer browser version 11 doesn't support CSS revert value.


Safari browser version 3.1 to Safari browser version 9 doesn't supports CSS revert value. Safari browser version 9.1 to Safari browser version 11.1 supports it completely.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge browser version 12 to Microsoft Edge browser version 17 doesn't supports this property completely.


Opera browser doesn't support CSS revert value.

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  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla
  • Edge
  • IE
  • opera
  • Safari
  • Yandex

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