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What is a Random MAC Generator?

A Random MAC Generator is a tool that allows you to generate random MAC addresses conveniently. The MAC address is a hardware-based identifier tied to the Network Interface Controller (NIC). It is a six-byte value represented as a 12-digit hexadecimal number. This Random MAC Generator by LambdaTest is free, easy to use, and doesn't have any ads or popups. Try now!

How does a Random MAC Generator work?

To generate Random MAC addresses, MAC Generators use algorithms and rules to create 12-digit hexadecimal numbers. Some MAC generators provide an option to generate MAC addresses with a pre-defined format, like prefixes specific to a vendor, etc.

What is Network Interface Controller (NIC)?

A Network Interface Controller, also known as, Network Interface Card, is associated with the MAC Address that defines the portion of the device. It acts as a data transmission controller over the network and handles the communication between the network's protocols either via cables or wirelessly.

What is EUI-64 MAC Address?

EUI-64 (Extended Unique Identifier) is the process to configure IPv6 host addresses automatically. An IPv6 device generate a unique 64-bit interface ID by using the MAC address of its interface. In this method, MAC address is 48 bit and the Interface ID is 64 bit.

What is MAC Randomization?

MAC address randomization is a process that allows you to conceal the real media access control (MAC) address of your computer when it is connected to a network. It works by creating an artificial MAC address for your computer, which is then transmitted to any surrounding WiFi access points.

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