Test Website on Official Mobile Emulators

Load a webpage on your choice of mobile phone browser. Test on Latest Mobile Browsers for Cross Browser Compatibility. Leverage LambdaTest's offcial iOS and Android emulators online.
Test on Mobile Browsers Emulators Online
Test on Mobile Browsers Emulators Online

Test On Real Browsers Running On Official Mobile Emulators

You can emulate a mobile browser environment on your desktop computer by using an Android or iOS mobile emulator. This enables you to ensure compatibility of your website or web app across devices running mobile OS and mobile browsers.
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Run Appium Tests On Mobile Browsers

You can automate your tests with Appium. You can improve the coverage of your test suite by testing your websites on mobile browsers online. Reduce the time it takes to run your tests with parallel testing.
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Perform Automation Test Of Website On Mobile Browsers Online

Test On Real Safari, Chrome, Opera And Firefox Browsers

91% of smartphone users use either Safari, Chrome, Opera, or Firefox on their phones. If you want to ensure the best user experience for your customers on smartphones, try out LambdaTest to test your websites on hundreds of real as well as virtual devices.
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Want to Test on Real Mobile Devices?

Learn how your team can save hours every day by executing tests at LambdaTest test execution platform.

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Test Locally Hosted Web Pages Online

Access our mobile testing tunnel to run your website code on browsers hosted on LambdaTest. Test your local app or website with Appium test framework via LambdaTest Tunnel.
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Test Locally Hosted Web Pages

Geolocation Testing On Mobile Browser Emulators

Check your website on different mobile browsers for Geo Targeting, Geo Blocking and Geo Localization across 50+ countries spanned out across 6 continents North America, South America, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa.
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Responsive Testing Online

You can boost the efficiency of your user interface (UI) testing using our free responsive testing tool, LT Browser. Or get pixel-perfect UI on real mobile browsers using our mobile browser emulators. These functionalities are available through our robust APIs.
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Mark As A Bug

Mark Bugs and Track on Your Favortie Tool

While you test your site in different browser versions on mobile devices, LambdaTest allows you to mark a bug directly from our platform and move it to any bug management tool of your choice, such as JIRA, Asana, Trello and.more.
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24*7 Support From Our Tech Experts

We're available 24/7 to help you with any problems you might be having. You can get in touch with us by filling out the contact form, sending a message within the app, or calling. You can also email us atsupport@lambdatest.com and we'll reply in a blip.
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24*7 Support From Our Tech Experts

Want to Test on Real Mobile Devices?

Learn how your team can save hours every day by executing tests at LambdaTest test execution platform.

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What is a Mobile Browser Emulator?
A mobile browser emulator is a software application that creates an environment in which the user can test web pages on a variety of different devices without having to use each respective real device. Besides saving time and money, it allows standard website testing and eliminates such testing difficulties as limited bandwidth availability or low battery power.
What are the advantages of using an Mobile browser emulator online?
A mobile browser emulator saves both time and money involved in a test cycle. You don't have to buy real devices for web testing and can emulate mobile browsers on your computer or online platform like LambdaTest.
Are online browser emulator reliable for testing?
Yes, Browser emulators for mobile devices offer a reliable way to test websites and web applications. However, their accuracy is often limited due to their inability to replicate some mobile APIs, battery condition and gestures that are sometimes hard to emulate accurately.
How does LambdaTest help with Mobile browser testing?
LambdaTest offers cloud-based cross-browser testing platform that enable you to test your website on over 3000 real desktop and mobile browsers on a variety of operating systems, including the latest versions of mobile OS. By signing up at LambdaTest, you can access official mobile phone browser emulators online and use them to test your mobile-optimized site on all the main OSs.