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LambdaTest API For Selenium Automation

Selenium Automation

Integrate LambdaTest Selenium automation grid seamlessly in your automation pipelines using LambdaTest platform APIs

San Francisco, 9th April 2019, LambdaTest one of the fastest growing Cross Browser Testing platform today announced that it has launched all new APIs for its Selenium Automation platform. This API will help testers and developers to manage and organize their test builds, test sessions, tunnel status, etc. and provides them with a json format file of platforms which contains syntax for every browser and browser version according to a particular OS.

Key Highlights:

  • Keep Test Record Of Multiple Account Analytics
  • Get Test Reports Easily In Json Format File
  • Easily Fetch, Manage & Organize All Test Data Of An Account

LambdaTest API will help testers and developers to automate the entire selenium cross-browser testing process and allow them to create automated test and build reports using. It will fetch results like logs of tests passed, logs of tests failed, and the reason for failed tests, etc. They will also be able to fetch every build, list of all test sessions of an account by triggering a GET request.

On the launch Asad Khan, Co-founder & CEO LambdaTest said “We have shaped our product on the basis of customer feedback. When we launched LambdaTest web automation the feedback we received was very positive. The only area we missed at that point was way to give enterprise users a way to extract test status data from LambdaTest platform to help in creating automated test execution reports. With today’s launch we addressed this issue. LambdaTest APIs will help testers and developers to save a lot of time in managing and organizing their test builds, and test sessions status. It aims at reducing the time taken to create automated build health reports in continuous integration and continuous testing pipelines, and easing the life of web developers and testers at the most.”

LambdaTest API helps users to fetch video, screenshots, network, command, selenium, or console logs for a particular test session of their Selenium automation script execution by using a simple GET requests. These information can then be included in build continuous testing build reports.

In addition to the above users will also be able to manage multiple tunnel status to perform localhost testing. They can easily acknowledge the status of all running tunnels in your LambdaTest account by using simple GET requests. Users can also stop any unnecessary tunnel by triggering a DELETE request on the below endpoint.

To learn more about LambdaTest API visit - LambdaTest API Documentation

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About LambdaTest

LambdaTest is cloud-based cross browser testing platform that helps in both manual and browser compatibility testing. Users can perform live interactive testing of their website or web app on a combination of 2000+ different browser and operating system right from their own browser. In addition, the platform allows the users to run Selenium automation tests on a scalable, secure, and reliable cloud-based Selenium grid and perform live interactive cross-browser testing of their public or locally hosted websites and web app on the cloud. LambdaTest also offers the feature of taking automated full page screenshots across all 2000+ environments to quickly test the layout, check in a single click how your website will look across 36 different devices, and compare design and HTML images. In addition, the LambdaTest platform also has single-click integration with popular project management and enterprise tools like Jira, Asana, Trello, Github, Gitlab, BitBucket, Slack, and Visual Studio Team Services.

For More Information Contact:

Asad Khan, CEO & Co-Founder LambdaTest

[email protected]

Jay Sigh Co-Founder LambdaTest

[email protected]