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Responsive Testing

Check in an instant how your website or webapp will look in most popular Android devices in both landscape and portrait mode. Instant responsive testing on 16+ android screen sizes including Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy 8+, Oneplus etc.

How to do responsive testing?

Step 1: Click 'Responsive' sub menu under Visual UI test menu in menu box.

Responsive Testing

Step 2: Input the URL for which you wish to test responsiveness.

Step 3: Select your monitor size (diagonal length in inches).

Step 4: Click 'Generate' to generate screenshots.

Responsive Testing

Step 5: On right side of the page, you will find various mobile and desktop combinations. On clicking them you can test the responsiveness for those particular devices.

Responsive Testing

How to test local pages?

Step 1: Set up Lambda Tunnel with our Secure Shell Tunneling feature.

Step 2:Input the URL of local page for which you wish to test responsiveness.

Responsive Testing

Step 3: Select connected tunnel.

Step 4: Click 'Generate' to start testing and you will get all the screenshots within few seconds.

How to record issues?

Step 1: On 'Responsive' page under the menu 'Visual UI Test', you will find a camera icon, click that icon.

Responsive Testing

Step 2: Image editor will pop up where you can comment about the screenshot and check the mark as issue check box.

Responsive Testing

Step 3: Finally, click save and done on the pop up to record the issue.


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