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Responsive Testing

How to do responsive testing?

Step 1: Click 'Responsive' sub menu under Visual UI test menu in menu box.

Step 2: Input the URL for which you wish to test responsiveness.

Step 3: Select your monitor size (diagonal length in inches).

Step 4: Click 'Generate' to generate screenshots.

Step 5: On right side of the page, you will find various mobile and desktop combinations. On clicking them you can test the responsiveness for those particular devices.

How to record issues?

Step 1: On 'Responsive' page under the menu 'Visual UI Test', you will find a camera icon, click that icon.

Step 2: Image editor will pop up where you can comment about the screenshot and check the mark as issue check box.

Step 3: Finally, click save and done on the pop up to record the issue.


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