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Ensure your web-apps work seamlessly on
every desktop and mobile browsers.

Real time browser testing
Getting Started

Start Automation Testing.

Responsive Testing
Languages and Frameworks

Selenium languages and bindings.

Responsive Testing
API Reference

API to scalable selenium testing infrastructure for agile teams.

Automated Screenshot Testing
LambdaTest Platform Basics

Learn LambdaTest basic features.

Smart Visual Testing
Capability Generator

Desired Capabilities are a set of properties used to configure your Selenium tests.

Mark As a Bug

One click bug logging to bug tracking tools.

List of Browsers
List of Browsers

List of all desktop and mobile browsers available at LambdaTest platform

Issue Tracker
Concurrency calculator

Calculate how many parallel session you would require to fulfill your testing need.

Test Localhost or Private Page
Test Localhost or Private Page

Test your locally hosted or privately hosted pages on LambdaTest platform

Developer Tools
Test Logs

Check all the tests that you have performed.


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