Lambdatest Integrations

TargetProcess Integration

TargetProcess is an integrated project management tool that offers teams with a modern, customizable, and powerful Agile approach. TargetProcess provides an intuitive visual interface for teams to manage projects with ease. Whether you are new to Agile or want to scale it across, this tool has options to manage projects based on Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, … Continue reading TargetProcess Integration

Airtable Integration

Airtable is a cloud-collaboration platform to help you organize your team with intuitive & interactive spreadsheets that works like a database. It offers a variety of views such as Grid view, Kanban view, Calendar view, Form view. You can log a task with priority, notes, deadline and more. You can even tag attachments to a … Continue reading Airtable Integration

Miro Integration

Miro is a cloud-based collaborative whiteboard platform helping teams to manage their projects effectively. Miro gives the team access to digital whiteboards and sticky notes to enable them to brainstorm and do many other collaborative activities such as research, planning, managing workflows and more. LambdaTest’s integration with Miro will help you to log bugs to … Continue reading Miro Integration

PractiTest Integration

PractiTest is a QA and test management solution to provide users with better control of their testing and development process. Enabling organizations to guarantee visibility and communication with relevant stakeholders. It also helps project development teams to streamline and manage their testing processes while providing management with a clear and simple view of their project … Continue reading PractiTest Integration

Configure YAML For Integrating GoCD Pipelines With LambdaTest

Through our previous document, you were able to integrate GoCD pipelines with LambdaTest, and executed your first Selenium testing script through GoCD on LambdaTest. However, in our previous chapter we ran the test by copying the YAML from the cloned repository for GoCD. This topic will teach you how you can configure your own YAML … Continue reading Configure YAML For Integrating GoCD Pipelines With LambdaTest

GoCD Integration With LambdaTest

GoCD offers a free and open-source platform to help you configure robust CI/CD pipelines with ease. The intuitive UI offers an end-to-end view wherein you can visualize the entire migration path to production in a collective view. That way, you can easily pinpoint the inefficient areas to optimize the CI/CD process. By leveraging GoCD, you … Continue reading GoCD Integration With LambdaTest

Integrating LambdaTest With Jenkins Freestyle Project

Integrate LambdaTest Jenkins plugin with your Jenkins Freestyle project for: Configure your LambdaTest credentials for your Jenkins jobs. Set up and tear down the Lambda Tunnel binary file to perform automated cross browser testing even on your locally hosted web apps. Embed all the test results such as video logs, network logs, and screenshots of … Continue reading Integrating LambdaTest With Jenkins Freestyle Project

Pivotal Tracker Integration

Pivotal Tracker offers a project management platform on cloud. Designed for Agile teams, the tracker helps you organize your release cycle through an intuitive dashboard where everyone can monitor who is working on what, along with their upcoming tasks! Also, a shared backlog is there to help the team prioritize tasks which require more attention. … Continue reading Pivotal Tracker Integration

Backlog Integration

Backlog provides an online platform for project & code management. Using Backlog, you can collaborate with your teams working in different parts of SDLC(Software Development Life Cycle). It lets you organize, discuss, and track all the work in one place. It offers out-of-the-box features to help you orchestrate your release cycles better. Some of the … Continue reading Backlog Integration

Team Communication Tools

LambdaTest allows you to integrate your LambdaTest account with your favourite communication tools. That way you can instantly share any UI bug that you come across while cross browser testing over 2000+ real browsers hosted by LambdaTest cloud servers. Here are the instant messaging tools that you can integrate with LambdaTest. Slack Integration Microsoft Teams … Continue reading Team Communication Tools