Lambdatest Integrations

zipBoard Integration

zipBoard offers a review platform on cloud to help you collaborate with your team over a web project. You can attach an image and mention suggestions, tag your collaborators, and do more with full transparency. Using zipBoard your colleagues can view every reported bug or suggestion regarding the project, and understand who is doing what? … Continue reading zipBoard Integration

ClickUp Integration

ClickUp offers a highly customizable cloud-based platform to boost your productivity for both professional and personal life by storing all of your tasks, docs, conversations, timelines, spreadsheets, and more in a single place. You can have different views of the project such as Gantt view, board view, and calendar view. You could also chat with … Continue reading ClickUp Integration

Breeze Integration

Breeze facilitates project management on-cloud through an intuitive platform, offering Gantt charts, kanban tool, task management, and time tracking to help you finish your release cycles on time. With Breeze, you can keep track of deadlines, an individual effort of your colleagues, and acknowledge who is doing what in a project. LambdaTest integration with Breeze … Continue reading Breeze Integration

WordPress Plugin

With LambdaTest plugin for WordPress, you can generate automated screenshots of your web pages and post directly from your WordPress platform. How To Install & Use LambdaTest WordPress Plugin? DOWNLOAD THE ZIP FILE FOR LAMBDATEST PLUGIN Step 1: Login to your WordPress account. Step 2: Goto plugins and click on Add New plugin button. Step … Continue reading WordPress Plugin

Teamwork Integration

Teamwork Projects is a cloud-based project management tool to help you manage various operations involving a project with respect to the respective business functionality. It provides a platform to track a project from start to finish. Teamwork Projects is available on iOS, Android, Google Chrome, and the Web. LambdaTest helps you to push bugs directly … Continue reading Teamwork Integration

Asana Integration

Asana is a popular tool for teams following Agile methodology as a part of their Software Development Life Cycle. With Asana, you can coordinate all your team’s work by eliminating roadblocks and pinpointing risks. It offers a free flowing dashboard for sprint planning. Allowing everyone to acknowledge who is doing what and when! You can … Continue reading Asana Integration

Clubhouse Integration

Clubhouse is a project management platform that would help everyone on your team to collaborate better for hastening the release process. Clubhouse helps in finding the right balance for cross-functional collaboration. It is easy for everyone on the team to focus on their individual task, while also being able to envision the bigger picture by … Continue reading Clubhouse Integration

Paymo Integration

Paymo is an online project management application that helps your team work better by getting everyone on the same page. Prefered by freelancers, small and medium businesses across globe, Paymo is dedicated to helping business in their planning, task management, and integrated time tracking. LambdaTest integration with Paymo helps to manage your bugs in Paymo … Continue reading Paymo Integration

BugHerd Integration

BugHerd is a bug tracker that presents a virtual representation of your website, allowing you to highlight any visual deviation before you log a bug regarding the same. The view presented by visual representation is shareable with your team and your clients. A note provided in BugHerd gets pinned on the UI, just like a … Continue reading BugHerd Integration

Trello Integration

Trello – A project management tool that was acquired by Atlassian in 2017. It helps in project management under agile development. Providing a highly usable dashboard, where you can easily comprehend on who is working on what? Allowing a team to pinpoint the areas where they feel they are missing something out. Team can plan … Continue reading Trello Integration