Lambdatest Integrations

Integrate LambdaTest Extension With Azure Pipelines

Azure Pipelines, by Microsoft, is a feature of Azure DevOps. It helps to automatically build, test, and deploy your projects, with Continous Integration or CI, upon various production environments. So your Selenium automation test scripts can run successfully on Azure Pipeline. However, sometimes running your scripts can be a bit tedious. This is where the … Continue reading Integrate LambdaTest Extension With Azure Pipelines

Integrating Wrike With LambdaTest

Wrike is a SaaS(Software-As-A-Service) Product Management software. You can manage and track your projects, deadlines, and other workflow processes. It also allows inter-team communications, and therefore used by many developments, as well as testing teams to keep track of their work and teams. Wrike also provides the ability to track bugs effectively. LambdaTest Wrike integration … Continue reading Integrating Wrike With LambdaTest

Integrating Mattermost With LambdaTest

Mattermost is a Communication platform, written in Golang and React, and is open-source, self-hostable, easy to deploy, manage, and upgrade. It is a secure workplace which allows messaging from behind your firewall. Mattermost is a famous alternative to proprietary SaaS messaging apps, as it allows you to bring all your team communication into a single … Continue reading Integrating Mattermost With LambdaTest

Rocket.Chat Integration With LambdaTest

Rocket.Chat is a Communication platform, which is free, open-source, scalable, highly customizable, and secure. It not only allows you to communicate and collaborate with your team, but also share files and live chat in real time. It is a cross-platform, which means it can run on different types of operating systems like Linux, Windows, macOS, … Continue reading Rocket.Chat Integration With LambdaTest

Drone CI Integration with LambdaTest

Drone CI is one of the most popular modern open-source CI/CD tools. It not only provides a continuous integration with your projects but also provides a distributed CI/CD pipeline, which is not possible with some other tools like Jenkins. So Drone is the first choice for many teams as it is a purely distributed, cloud-native, … Continue reading Drone CI Integration with LambdaTest

LEAPWORK Integration with LambdaTest

LEAPWORK is a test automation platform that provides easy and completely visual codeless automation. With LEAPWORK, you can build test automation cases without writing a single line of code, transform those test cases into an automation flow for faster and greater coverage. It also provides seamless integration to various CI/CD and DevOps tools. LambdaTest has … Continue reading LEAPWORK Integration with LambdaTest

TargetProcess Integration

TargetProcess is an integrated project management tool that offers teams with a modern, customizable, and powerful Agile approach. TargetProcess provides an intuitive visual interface for teams to manage projects with ease. Whether you are new to Agile or want to scale it across, this tool has options to manage projects based on Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, … Continue reading TargetProcess Integration

Airtable Integration

Airtable is a cloud-collaboration platform to help you organize your team with intuitive & interactive spreadsheets that works like a database. It offers a variety of views such as Grid view, Kanban view, Calendar view, Form view. You can log a task with priority, notes, deadline and more. You can even tag attachments to a … Continue reading Airtable Integration

Miro Integration

Miro is a cloud-based collaborative whiteboard platform helping teams to manage their projects effectively. Miro gives the team access to digital whiteboards and sticky notes to enable them to brainstorm and do many other collaborative activities such as research, planning, managing workflows and more. LambdaTest’s integration with Miro will help you to log bugs to … Continue reading Miro Integration

PractiTest Integration

PractiTest is a QA and test management solution to provide users with better control of their testing and development process. Enabling organizations to guarantee visibility and communication with relevant stakeholders. It also helps project development teams to streamline and manage their testing processes while providing management with a clear and simple view of their project … Continue reading PractiTest Integration