Real Time Testing

HTTP Basic Authentication

HTTP basic authentication represents a mechanism of challenge and response to help the server make a request authentication from a client, passing the User ID and password in the URL as the standard HTTP “Authorization” header. For example: Browser Support For HTTP Basic Authentication HTTP authentication is incompatible among the majority of the web … Continue reading HTTP Basic Authentication

Running Cucumber Scripts With TestNG And Selenium

LambdaTest Selenium Automation Grid is a cloud-based scalable Selenium testing platform which enables you to run your automation scripts on 2000+ different browsers and operating systems. You can now run your Cucumber scripts with TestNG and Selenium for automating your web application over a scalable Selenium infrastructure that is running real browsers and real operating … Continue reading Running Cucumber Scripts With TestNG And Selenium

Microsoft Teams Integration

Microsoft teams is a cloud-based group chat software meant to get everyone in your team on the same page. You can conduct online meetings, voice-calling, instant messaging, file sharing with your colleagues for faster and thorough collaboration. LambdaTest integration with Microsoft Teams allows you to push a bug directly to your specified Teams channel from … Continue reading Microsoft Teams Integration

Real-time Testing Troubleshooting

Real-Time Testing allows you to perform live-interactive cross browser testing of your website on more than 2000+ real browsers & browser versions running on various operating systems in the cloud. LambdaTest provides you real-time testing experience by virtual machines hosted on our cloud servers. Click here for more information about Real Time Testing at LambdaTest … Continue reading Real-time Testing Troubleshooting

Lambda Tunnel Modifiers

This document will help you understand all the modifiers/arguments used with Lambda Tunnel to help you test your locally hosted web pages. Command Example Description –key abcd1234efgh LambdaTest Access key of the user. –port 8080 (optional) Local port to connect tunnel. –proxy-host WonderProxy Full hostname for the proxy you’d like to use. –proxy-pass WonderProxy_Pass WonderProxy … Continue reading Lambda Tunnel Modifiers

White-listing Proxy With LambdaTest

If you are accessing the internet through a firewall-protected network then you may face an issue in connecting with LambdaTest. You may encounter the below error messages: In such scenarios, you may need to whitelist LambdaTest domain. Whitelisting is a process which conveys your firewall-protected network to allow access for a set of IP addresses, … Continue reading White-listing Proxy With LambdaTest

Troubleshooting Lambda Tunnel

Lambda Tunnel helps in establishing an SSH connection between your local machine and our cloud servers to help you perform tests on locally hosted websites and web-apps. With Lambda Tunnel, you can ensure how robust your website rendering is across 2000+ real browsers, even before you make it live on the internet. If due to … Continue reading Troubleshooting Lambda Tunnel

Mark As Bug In Real Time Testing

Now, you can avoid the hassle of capturing a screenshot, annotating the same before you finally share them with a teammate by logging onto a respective tool for creating a task. LambdaTest does it all for you. Mark as Bug is a feature that would help you to highlight any UI observation from your test … Continue reading Mark As Bug In Real Time Testing

Testing Locally Hosted Pages

You can test your locally hosted pages and privately hosted pages at LambdaTest Selenium Test Automation Platform using Lambda Tunnel app. The Lambda Tunnel allows you to connect your local system with LambdaTest servers via SSH based integration tunnel. Once this tunnel is established you can test your locally hosted pages on all 2000+ browser … Continue reading Testing Locally Hosted Pages

Developer Tools

Pace up your cross browser debugging while performing live, interactive testing on mobile and desktop browsers at LambdaTest platform with our native browser tools.   How To Launch Developer Tools On Desktop? Step 1: Login to your LambdaTest account. Go to “Real Time Test” from the left navigation menu. Step 2: Select the test configuration … Continue reading Developer Tools