Visual User Interface Testing

LT Browser: Test Website For Responsiveness Easily

LT Browser allows you to ensure your website’s responsiveness over a variety of major devices and view ports. You can open a website in the LT Browser and perform live testing across 25+ devices. To get started, you need to download the executable file from here. Download LT Browser For Windows Download LT Browser For … Continue reading LT Browser: Test Website For Responsiveness Easily

Basic Authentication For Password Protected Websites Or Web App

Step 1:Click the screenshot test in the Visual UI Test menu. Step 2: Click on Basic Authorization Step 3: Enter your credentials for the page Step 4: Choose the devices and the browser and their version( both for desktop and mobile, you need to perform your test on and click on capture

How to change screenshot preference?

Step 1: You can change your preference for screenshots by clicking on the setting button

How To Do Screenshot Testing for mobile devices?

Step 1: Click on the device toggle button and click on the mobile tab. Step 2: Place your URL you need to test in the place your URL bar. Step 3: Choose combinations of different browsers, their versions, and the OS. Then hit on capture. Note: You can also perform screenshot testing on the combination … Continue reading How To Do Screenshot Testing for mobile devices?

How To View Recent Screenshot Testing Sessions?

Step 1:  Click ‘Screenshot’ submenu under the Visual UI Test menu in the menu box. Step 2: On the screenshot page, you will find the ‘Recents’ toggle button on the page. Click that button. Step 3: You can select the desired recent session from the sessions listed.

How To Download Screenshots?

Step 1: If you want to download particular screenshots, you will find a download icon near every screenshot generated. Just click that to download. Step 2: If you want to download all the screenshots for that particular result, on top center, you will find Download via zip option. Click that to download all in zip … Continue reading How To Download Screenshots?

Automated Screenshot Testing

Automated Screenshot testing will help you in capturing bulk screenshots through different desktops and mobile devices running on various OS in a single go! It is facilitated by instrumented UI test cases to help you realize how seamlessly your web app renders through different screen sizes using different browsers. At LambdaTest, you can capture up … Continue reading Automated Screenshot Testing

Taking Screenshots of Pages Behind Login

LambdaTest offers Screenshot testing, a feature to automatically capture bulk, full-paged screenshots of any URL over different browsers. You can perform cross browser compatibility testing on both mobile, and desktop browsers at the same time. Also, you can capture up to 25 screenshots in a single test session. This document will help you understand how … Continue reading Taking Screenshots of Pages Behind Login

Automated Screenshot API For Cross Browser Testing

Automated Screenshot API will help you capture full-page screenshots of any URL by invoking an API call to LambdaTest cloud servers. You can ensure cross browser compatibility of your website stays in check by performing bulk screenshot testing on a regular basis. You can do that without logging into LambdaTest, by executing a JSON file … Continue reading Automated Screenshot API For Cross Browser Testing

Mark As Bug In Responsive Testing

Now, you can avoid the hassle of capturing a screenshot, annotating the same before you finally share them with a teammate by logging onto a respective tool for creating a task. LambdaTest does it all for you. Mark as Bug is a feature that would help you to highlight any UI observation from your test … Continue reading Mark As Bug In Responsive Testing