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LmabdaTest Jenkins Integration
GitLab CI

LambdaTest now integrates with GitLab CI to boost your go-to-market delivery.

LmabdaTest Jenkins Integration
Semaphore CI

Semaphore is a hosted continuous integration and deployment service used for testing and deploying software projects hosted on GitHub and BitBucket.

LmabdaTest Jenkins Integration

Codeship is cloud-based platform that offers support to GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab projects. Now you can integrate Codeship with LambdaTest to boost your continuous delivery.

LmabdaTest Jenkins Integration

With TeamCity, you can deploy your automated pipeline quicker, pacing your go-to-market launch.

LmabdaTest Jenkins Integration

With LambdaTest Jenkins plugin you will be able to easily automate your Selenium test scripts by connecting your Jenkins CI instance to LambdaTest Selenium grid.

Real time browser testing
Circle CI

LambdaTest and Circle CI integration provides easy-to-use interface, simplistic configuration, along with the huge support for numerous libraries and services.

Real time browser testing
Travis CI

Perform parallel testing with LambdaTest's Selenium grid to drastically trim down your test cycles and boost your go-to market delivery.

chrome extension

Easily move your bugs to Teamwork projects while performing testing with LambdaTest with help of LambdaTest Teamwork integration.

Real time browser testing

Learn step by step to integrate JIRA with LambdaTest and mark bugs to JIRA directly.

Responsive Testing
Katalon Studio

LambdaTest offers integration with Katalon to help you aid with codeless automation.

Responsive Testing

Integrate with Asana and create tasks directly from LambdaTest platform.

Automated Screenshot Testing

Create Github repo directly from LambdaTest platform with just one click.

Smart Visual Testing

Create issue cards with a single click directly from Trello by integrating it with LambdaTest platform

Ranorex integration

Set up your Selenium Server using Ranorex and run your scripts on LambdaTest online Selenium Grid.


Keep your teammates informed directly using Slack with LambdaTest Slack integration. Mark bugs and send them to slack.

List of Browsers
Azure DevOps

Share issues to Azure DevOps account directly from LamdbaTest platform with a single click. Integrate Azure DevOps with LambdaTest.

Issue Tracker

Create new bugs in GitLab from LambdaTest itself by integrating LambdaTest with Gitlab.

Test Localhost or Private Page

Easy bug logging to your Bitbucket account directly from LambdaTest.

Wordpress Plugin

Manage your bugs in Paymo by moving them to your selected project in a single click with LambdaTest integration.

chrome extension

Create new actions in Hive projects right from a middle of a test session on LambdaTest.

chrome extension

Mark issues to your clubhouse projects directly from LambdaTest with the help of LambdaTest integration.

chrome extension

Mark bugs to Mantis directly while performing testing using LambdaTest Mantis integration.

chrome extension

Step by step Bugherd and LambdaTest integration to help to mark bugs directly from LambdaTest to Bugherd.

chrome extension

With seamless LambdaTest monday.com integration, you can log issues and send it to relevant board in real time.

chrome extension
Microsoft Teams

Integration with Microsoft Teams allows you to push a bug directly to your specified Teams channel from LambdaTest platform.