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free cross browser testing on microsoft edge browser

Test on Microsoft Edge 14

Perform real time live interactive testing of your webapp, website for cross browser compatibility on the latest MIcrosoft Edge version 14. You can test your web application for functionality, visual bugs, and a lot more by performing cross browser testing on Microsoft Edge 14.

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free browser compatibility testing on Microsoft Edge 14 online



Explicit descendant combinator >>

An explicit, non-whitespace spelling of the descendant combinator. A >> B is equivalent to A B.

CSS hanging-punctuation

Allows some punctuation characters from start (or the end) of text elements to be placed "outside" of the box in order to preserve the reading flow.

CSS text-stroke and text-fill

Method of declaring the outline (stroke) width and color for text.

Ping attribute

When used on an anchor, this attribute signifies that the browser should send a ping request the resource the attribute points to.

Minimum length attribute for input fields

Declares a lower bound on the number of characters a user can input.

Srcset and sizes attributes

The srcset and sizes attributes on img (or source) elements allow authors to define various image resources and "hints" that assist a user agent to determine the most appropriate image source to display (e.g. high-resolution displays, small monitors, etc).

Blending of HTML/SVG elements

Allows blending between arbitrary SVG and HTML elements

Intrinsic & Extrinsic Sizing

Allows for the heights and widths to be specified in intrinsic values using the max-content, min-content, fit-content and stretch (formerly fill) properties.

CSS Logical Properties

Use start/end properties that depend on LTR or RTL writing direction instead of left/right

CSS Reflections

Method of displaying a reflection of an element

Web App Manifest

The web app manifest provides information about an application (such as name, author, icon, and description) in a JSON file, which browsers can use to give richer offline experiences.

WebGL 2.0

Next version of WebGL. Based on OpenGL ES 3.0.

Information sourced from

"Can I use" provides up-to-date browser support tables for support of front-end web technologies on desktop and mobile web browsers.

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You can choose from a range of 2000+ desktop and mobile browsers including Internet Explorer, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, Yandex, Opera, and Firefox allowing you to ensure that your customers get pixel perfect experience across all screen sizes, devices, operating systems, browsers, and resolutions.

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screenshot testing on Edge 14 browser

Faster Automated Screenshot Testing On Edge 14

With LambdaTest automated screenshots feature, you can perform visual cross browser testing on Microsoft Edge 14 browser with different Windows operating systems. You can select upto 25 configurations ro generate automatic screenshots. With Lambda Tunnel, you can also take screenshots of your locally hosted website to perform cross browser compatibiity testing.

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Perform cross browser testing of your website/ webapp across all Internet Explorer browser versions using LambdaTest

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Check your website on all Safari browser on Mac and Windows for cross browser compatibility with LambdaTest

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