Challenges of Manual UI Testing!


Manually testing each aspect of the application can be time-consuming for a tester. This can slow the process of the release cycle.

Human errors

Humans are prone to make silly errors! So while manual testing, a tester can miss a bug or overlook a particular test case causing an impact on the code.

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In manual testing, the amount of time and resources employed is too high, and thus the return on investment becomes costly.

Tasks repetition

Manual testing often involves executing repetitive tasks, which can be tedious and lead to mistakes.


For a tester in manual testing, it is impossible for a tester to test every possible scenario, and thus testing on some scenarios can miss out.

Difficulty in collaboration

Collaboration among manual testers can be challenging, as each tester may have their own approach and methodology.


With slow release velocity, the scalability deaccelerates. With manual testing executing tests on large projects/applications can be difficult.


Start adopting automation testing; it help improve testing quality, reduce testing time and cost, and increase testing processes' efficiency and accuracy.

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