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What is all about ChatGPT?

Ever since its launch, this OpenAI-released conversation language processing chatbot has been disrupting the internet.

What does ChatGPT stand for?

It stands for Generative Pre Training (GPT) language model.

What is it based on?

It uses cutting-edge natural language processing and deep learning technologies to create such high-quality language outputs that it blurs the line between machine and human responses.

Test script generation

With an understanding of various programming languages, it helps in generating test scripts o automate the testing process.

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Bug reporting

It helps the testers accelerate the debugging process, find the code's issues, and automatically report bugs during testing.


With resilience, it prioritizes test cases based on various factors such as risk, importance, and dependencies.

Result verification

It helps in finding results, as well as can be used to verify the accuracy of test results by comparing the expected output with the actual output.

Test environment setup

It automates the setup of test environments, such as virtual machines, networks, and databases.

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