Must have Chrome extension to increase productivity!

Save to Google Drive

This Chrome extension saves hundreds of web pages, images, videos, HTML Audio, and documents directly into your drive.


Easily speed up the email with this extension's ready-made templates.


Auto-generate step-by-step guides just by clicking record and go through the process you want to share.

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Todoist for Chrome

Organize work and life with this tool. It captures and organizes tasks and tracks your progress with personalized productivity trends.


Power of 5 in 1, with this extension. Create tasks, track time, capture screenshots, shoot emails, or make notes in one place.


Now increase your focus on reading with this tool. Remove page styling, Ads, pop-ups, comments, and other distracting elements, and add a dark theme when you want


Manage passwords for tools and websites in one common place. It is convenient and safe.


Now, hunt the email address of specific departments in a single click.

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