Core Concepts of Software Testing Every Tester Must Know!

Test Strategy

It lays out the picture and helps you know what type of testing will be appropriate for your application.


If you are setting up your first test strategy, you should focus on features that are priorities for your application.

Test Plan

It is a comprehensive document that entails all the testing information.


Regularly update the testing plan as you find new bugs in the software application.

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Test Cases

It is defined as the set of actions executed on a system to determine whether it satisfies the requirements and functions of the software.


Always give value to the most critical part of the application when setting up test cases.

Test Data

It is the input values and conditions used in software testing to verify expected outputs and detect defects.


Test data development should be done concurrently with test case development.

Test Environment

It is a setup of hardware, software, and network configurations used to perform software testing activities.


Always set up a test environment before initiating testing.

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