This will be the future of smartphones!


Smartphones have become the need of the hour in the digital age. Here are a few features that we look forward to.

Over-The-Air Charging

Goodbye ports and say hello to Wireless charging. This new feature is faster and reduces the need for the wire, making it an environment-friendly option.

Smarter Artificial Intelligence

With AI becoming part of lives, the smartphone will start making more complex and human-like decisions and become more like a friend.

Holographic Displays

With 3-D rendering, view images or videos that will float above the device and be viewed from any angle without the need to wear 3D glasses.

Advanced Health and Fitness Tracking

With sensors & developing software, monitoring health metrics & finding optimal solutions will be a click away.

6G connectivity

With 5G implemented across the globe, the next is 6G connectivity which will be much faster and more reliable in connection.

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