Importance of Unit Testing!

Early detection of defects

It helps developers to test individual units in isolation, locating and resolving issues before a major problem arises.

Improved code coverage

It helps developers identify any areas that need additional testing, ensuring that every possible scenario is tested.

Improved code quality

It prevents bugs from creeping into the codebase, making the software more dependable and simpler to maintain.

Encourages better design practices

It makes the software easier to test, understand and maintain, reducing complexity.

Improved team collaboration

With a streamlined process, developers can easily share their code and identify potential issues by writing unit tests.

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Mitigation of regression issues

By testing individual units, developers can ensure that new changes do not impact the existing functionality that was already tested.

Better documentation

By writing clear and concise unit tests, developers can create detailed descriptions of how each unit should perform hence saving time on the onboarding process.

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