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Customer returns to your Websites, Webapp and Apps only if the experience is good! Approximately 4.66 billion people use the internet daily, and to tap major market share, get started with Cross Browser Testing.

What is Cross Browser Testing?

It is a testing strategy that ensures that a website or web app's components, i.e., text, images, videos, etc., are working as expected.

Compatibility majorly complies with two aspects:

Browser and Operating System and Different devices and Screen resolutions

Features to test while performing Cross Browser Testing

Basic Functionality, Performance and Design and Response

How to perform Cross Browser Testing?

Manually and Automation

Key steps of Manual cross-browser testing

Develop a strategy, Get testing infrastructure: Simulator, Emulator, and Real Device and Execute Tests

Automated cross-browser testing

Sign-up on automation testing platform: LambdaTest and start free testing

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