Learn how to Smoke Test your tests!

What is Smoke Test

Popularly known as build verification testing. It is a type of testing that evaluates the critical components of an application and ensures they are working as intended.

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Start early

Once the development of core and basic are built, introduce smoke testing to ensure that at least the basics of the application are working fine before they can move on to the advanced features.

Record all tests

Monitor, analyze, and act. It will help the team to refer back to the critical test and make an effective action plan.

Perform quick

Try to perform Smoke Test in 60sec because the test code is basic and only tests the core functions of the application.

It is different from Sanity Testing

Sanity testing is performed at a later stage of application development. It is somewhat of a safety mechanism that ensures that the possible updates to the application do not have any negative impact on the core performance.

Introduce automation testing

As smoke testing has vital components of an application that are almost the same in most apps, using automation testing, the developers can execute their repetitive test cases in the application with the help of automated test scripts.

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