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How to boost your website's traffic? 5 Features users love!

Add multimedia

Design a website, including videos, interactive graphics, and audio clips, as it grabs viewers' attention and helps engage more.

Add chatbot

A real-time communication feature 24X7 enables the users to get the right information at the right time and make a website more authentic. This helps users make quick decisions.

Include social media buttons

Get your visitors and content viewers to discover what's new on your website. It will give more visibility and connect with the audience.

Add a search bar

Give the user independence to navigate your website while also enabling them for a quick search, as this will help them quickly find specific content on your website.

Add Newsletter sign-up

Start communicating with your visitors with enriching content like discoveries and stories. It will connect more with your users while also helping new users to get updates from your website.


During the staging phase, test each feature, as one bad experience can adversely impact your website's reputation. Do thorough cross-browser testing and usability testing.

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