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7 Reasons why every software team needs to switch to a cloud-based testing platform ASAP!

Unlimited Availability of Resources

Get the flexibility to access different cloud-based resources from across the globe 24/7.

Seamless Collaboration

Cross collaboration between teams facilitates bridging geographical gaps, lessens misunderstanding, and raises productivity. So teams can test and develop continuously that boosts test coverage and maximizes user experience testing.


With pre-configuration of the required test environments, skip the additional infrastructure and setup costs. And with pay-as-you-use model eliminates the chances of overpaying. Choose a platform that gives the diverse option and is pocket friendly.

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Supports DevOps and Agile

It makes their relationships collaborative and promotes quick and easy deployment, reconfiguration, and redeployment of services and applications as it gives immediate access to the latest updated information.

Better Customizability in Testing

With new devices entering the market at the speed of light, cloud-based testing platforms give access to increase coverage.

Support for Various Platforms and Environments

Get a wide array of browser and operating system combinations.

Rigorous Performance Testing with Audit readiness and Disaster Recovery

Easily track the various activities; also get better storage of large data sets, which offers support for disaster recovery, as you have everything on the cloud.

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