What is Technical Debt? And its impact on your business!

What is Technical Debt?

It is an additional cost or effort made due to opting for an easy solution during software development.

Short-Term Gain, Long-Term Pain

In the early phase, a solution may be a quick fix; however, it may lead to requiring more time and resources to resolve.

Code Quality

Over time, it will degrade the quality of code, making it less efficient, more error-prone, and harder to maintain or upgrade.

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It slows down the developer's productivity as he spends more time refactoring poorly written code.

Maintenance Costs

More resources are spent over time fixing and handling errors rather than building new features.

Competitive Advantage

With fewer releases of new features, it slows growth and erodes competitive edge.

Customer Satisfaction

With bugs, slow performance, or delayed feature releases lead to dissatisfaction among end users or customers.

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