Tips for Selenium Automation Testing on the Cloud!

Right Platform

Developers need to choose the perfect cloud platform that can suit their automation testing requirements. Thus, opt for a cloud-based platform that provides access to multiple popular programming languages.

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Parallel Testing

With parallel testing, the developers can execute multiple test configurations on different application elements at the same time.

Testing Strategy

Having a testing strategy helps developers properly plan the test cases according to their priority. It will help avoid any unwanted surprises during the execution of the automation testing process and keep the team in the loop.

Maintain Activity Log

It will help the team to keep track of all the test cases that have been completed and the ones that are undergoing the execution phase and track all the bugs and errors that have been detected.

Test On Legacy Devices

As per surveys, more than 70% of the users have devices at least two years old, so while planning the test strategy, including legacy devices to improve CX.

Essential Parameter

The developers must properly understand behavior-driven and data-driven testing while implementing cloud-based automation testing. These two parameters help classify the applications according to their use case.

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