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LT Browser 2.0

This is a next-gen browser to build, test & debug mobile websites.

What's unique?

It is built on the Chromium engine that takes your responsive web development to the next level. Get unlimited custom viewports along with the freedom to customize Chromium settings.

Interactive Viewports

Interact and test with more devices simultaneously, as many as up to six devices, in real time.

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Separate DevTools for each device

Do faster debugging with dedicated DevTools for each device viewport.

Unlimited custom viewports and custom Chrome settings

Create unlimited custom device viewports and use Chrome features such as Chrome extension support, better OS integration, Chrome settings and APIs, and more directly on the LT Browser 2.0

Multiple video recording options

Record with the entire screen or browser tab so you can review your bugs with your team more efficiently.

Generate and share multiple error reports

Fight elusive responsive bugs and generate detailed reports in a single click. Share bug reports through your favorite project management, bug tracking or instant messaging tool

More attractive and clean UI

Navigate to each tool seamlessly with a cleaner interface.

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