9 Types Of Mobile App Testing you should know

Unit Testing

A single unit or an individual software application component is tested for smooth operation.

Integration Testing

Test the different modules, units or components of an app as a united entity.

System Testing

Testing the interactions of various app components together in an integrated app or component.

UI Testing

Test the software aspects with which the user would interact on daily basis.

BETA Testing

Check if the app has got any bugs and perfroms well in real-time before it goes live or with limited users.

Acceptance Testing

This is performed to check if the software has met the needed requirements and specifications before going live.

Compatability Testing

Ensure that the app is compatible with different browsers, OS, devices and viewport sizes.

Geolocation Testing

Test an app functioning in different countries with GPS and IP locations.

Localization Testing

Check the behavious, suitability and accuracy of a mobile app for particular regions or locations.

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