7 Viral Software Testing Trends Of 2023!

AI & ML Testing

AI helps identify potential defects in complex systems, while ML helps identify patterns that might not be immediately apparent to humans. Together they can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the testing process.

Security Testing

Cyber crimes are increasing rapidly, and security testing will protect against potential attacks and ensure that software is secure for users & their data.

Test Automation

To increase the release velocity, automation testing has been vital for testing, as it reduces manual error and labor time.

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Continuous Testing

Testing never stops; with continuous integration and continuous delivery, continuous testing has become an essential part of the software development process.

Cloud-Based Testing

As software testing is done on different environments and configurations, it ensures the product is defect-free and works seamlessly. Despite scaled testing needs, it helps in saving costs.

Accessibility Testing

With equality for all, making the product accessible is important. It will ensure the product is accessible to all users, including disabled users.

Test-Driven Development

It is used to ensure that the test represents the end-to-end workflow and the code represents the system or application that is being tested.

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