7 VS Code extensions that will fire your coding speed

LambdaTest VS Code Extension

Perform mobile web testing on Android emulators and iOS simulators. Mark as a bug for any UI observation from test sessions.

Live Server

Start or stop the server with a single click from the status bar. Get Hotkey control and support for quick development using a live server.

Remote – SSH

Create your development environment using the dual combination of any remote machine with an SSH server. Debug an application running somewhere else on the customer setup or cloud.

Bracket Pair Colorizer

Locate matching pairs that help you understand code better. So, you read code faster and quicker.

CSS Peek

Helpful to front-end developers; this tool helps improvise the way development requirements are handled.


This highly customized extension allows you to turn off a particular setting if not needed and help you visualize and understand your code better.


This tool helps to enhance the overall developer experience. Perform schema validation. Get Support graphql-config files with one or multiple projects and Syntax highlighting.

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